‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Asks Which Star Is the ‘Real Santa’

by Kati Michelle

A couple of days ago, Chumlee took “Pawn Stars” fans on a wild ride over on his Instagram page. He shared a festive feud between himself and the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop owner, Rick Harrison. They were both dressed as Santa Claus to promote the festive greetings they were offering on Cameo. According to “Chumlee Claus,” this Cameo world wasn’t big enough for the two of them and only one could emerge the victor. Well, it looks like the battle just took on a new opponent. None other than Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison (Rick’s son and Chumlee’s childhood friend).

Chumlee shared Part 2 of the ongoing feud to his Instagram page earlier today and asked fans for another vote. So, who is the real Santa? It seems like this segment is a little lower budget than the last. It relies on some shoddy photoshop skills and your imagination. But “believing,” Santa, and Christmas all go hand in hand, so maybe he really did nail the theme. We’ll let you decide for yourself.

Check it out:

‘Pawn Stars’ Fans React

A lot of fans can’t help but mention the missing presence of one particularly beloved “Pawn Stars” cast member. That would be “Old Man” Richard Harrison, Rick’s father. Unfortunately, “Old Man” passed away in 2018 following a battle with Parkinson’s Disease. Although the holidays will never be the same without him, fans of the show are happy to see the remaining trio spending time together in the name of all that is jolly and bright.

Several fans joke about Rick’s signature phrase giving it a little Christmas twist: “Best I can do is milk and cookies.”

@treasure_laine also left this sentimental comment: “All 3 of you are Santa at Heart… You bring joy to others & give us some hope.”

In other words, it doesn’t look like there’s a clear winner this year.

Remembering the ‘Christmas Card Throwdown’

The official YouTube account for the “Pawn Stars” show brought back their epic “Christmas Card Throwdown” from Season 8 recently. Superfans will be happy to see the “Old Man” once again and the hilarious dry humor he always brought to the show.

In the episode, the guys decide to compete against one another to see who can create the most epic Christmas card. And what’s at stake? A big ole pool of beer.

Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison initially raises some concerns about the judging process, so Rick elects Brett for the job. Brett is known as a resident art expert so there’s really no one better for the position. You’ll have to watch the segment to see who comes out on top as the Yuletide King.

Check it out: