‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee’s New Sweatshirt Is Equal Parts Hilarious and Adorable

by Jonathan Howard

There has been some strange activity on Pawn Stars funnyman Chumlee’s Instagram and we aren’t mad about it, to be honest.

As one of the stars of the show, Chum has shown that he is a little different than most. He deleted all of his pictures and videos from his Instagram page. Everything! However, he has started over now with a blank canvas and the second picture he posted today is cracking us up.

Chumlee has a new hoodie and there are a lot of chihuahua puppies on it. Seriously, check it out below!

“The many faces of love,” Chumlee captioned the picture.

The loveable goofball of Pawn Stars knows his audience. There were so many fans and followers laughing and reacting to the photo. Such a simple picture, but it says so much about his personality and style.

When Chumlee erased his Instagram account, no one was sure why. Honestly, I still don’t think anyone knows. He has a knack for producing great moments on the show because of his great personality. This is exactly what makes him post great photos like this one for all of his fans to see.

The Pawn Stars negotiator has a lot of knowledge and expertise in a lot of different areas. However, if he knew a little more about soccer the team could have avoided an awkward moment.

‘Pawn Stars’ Whiffs on Soccer Item

It isn’t often that Pawn Stars gets information wrong. However, the crew exaggerated quite a bit when going over a signed Christian Pulisic jersey. The American soccer player plays for Chelsea in the Premier League. While he is a talented young player… there were some inaccuracies with the sale.

When they started to talk about Pulisic, the seller got his position wrong. That was a big red flag. As a winger, Pulisic is an offensive player. The seller said he was a midfielder which is not the same thing. Then, the comparisons started to happen.

The Pawn Stars group compared the player to LeBron James. Then he was compared to Messi and Ronaldo. While he has plenty of talent those assertions are a little ridiculous. Basically, this would be like saying a lottery pick is the new LeBron. Not only is it too early to tell how good he will be historically speaking, it just puts an image out there that isn’t real.

As I said, it isn’t often that they get things this wrong. It wasn’t the worst thing in the world, but for those that keep up with the sport of soccer, it was a cringeworthy moment. Americans already get a bad rep as soccer fans and moments like the Pulisic jersey on Pawn Stars don’t help.