‘Pawn Stars’: Is Chumlee Still on the Show?

by John Jamison

Since “Pawn Stars” began in 2009, Austin “Chumlee” Russell provided comedic relief on the hit History Channel show. He brings a certain charm to the shop’s atmosphere and has contributed to the show’s decade-plus success. Now, fans are concerned about his future with the show.

Chumlee has given them plenty of reasons to worry over the years. Throughout his 330 appearances on “Pawn Stars,” he’s been hilarious as a personality, poking fun at Rick, the Old Man, and Corey alike. Off-camera, however, his behavior hasn’t always been funny.

According to Distractify, the “Pawn Stars” personality has had a few run-ins with the law. In 2016, Chumlee pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a firearm and drug possession. The situation resulted in three years of probation and counseling but didn’t prevent Chumlee from participating in “Pawn Stars.”

Fortunately, Chumlee appears to have avoided legal troubles since. He is still a staple on “Pawn Stars,” and as long as he keeps his act together, he will likely continue appearing on the show in the future. And fans need not worry. Chumlee seems to be enjoying his time on the hit History series.

“Honestly, when I look back 13 years ago, when this all started, I thought we’d be done by now. I thought, if anything, I would be off doing some dumb show of my own. But we’re still making ‘Pawn Stars,’ and I’m loving it. Every year is better than the year before,” Chumlee told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

‘Pawn Stars’ Boys Chumlee and Corey Harrison Have Lost Tons of Weight

Not literally tons, but the pair of “Pawn Stars” personalities have slimmed down in a major way since their early days on the show. Chumlee was initially inspired by Corey’s own weight loss journey and took steps to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Chumlee shared before and after pictures on Facebook recently.

“Can you believe it, I’ve lost over 150lbs !! How many people out there have always struggled with your weight like I did?” he wrote in the caption.

Both “Pawn Stars” boys are enjoying their new and improved lifestyles. And they are rightfully proud of the progress they have made.

“I could never go back to weighing as much as I did. It made me realize what I ate, how I ate and what I did to myself. It was a WOW moment,” Corey told People in 2014.

Both decided to go the route of gastric sleeve surgery, which many will recognize as the “stomach staple” procedure. It effectively takes away room from the stomach, leaving it satisfied with smaller portions of food. However, even with the surgery, 150 pounds of weight loss require extreme dedication and plenty of hard work.