‘Pawn Stars’ Discovers the Holy Grail of Coins

by Jonathan Howard

The Pawn Stars see a lot of rare and unusual items in their store. However, it isn’t every day that the “holy grail” of coins walks in the door.

Back in Season 10 in an episode titled Generation Gap, Rick Harrison dealt with a customer. The owner of this item said that he had a 1922 high relief, matte finish silver dollar. It was back in 1921 when the United States decided to bring silver dollars back into mint. They wanted to make the coins detailed and long-story-short, the project didn’t last long.

According to Rick, the coin is only one of only a dozen or so that still exist. Most were melted back down in the 20th century. When the owner of the coin was asked to make an offer, he spits out $20,000. Rick joked with him and said he would take that offer in a heartbeat. However, as the nice guy that he is, Harrison called in his coin expert to get a real assessment done on it.

So, the expert got in there and in true Pawn Stars fashion gave an opinion on the authenticity. By the time that the expert was done with his job, everyone involved knew the value of the coin. Perhaps somewhere closer to $100,000 than $20,000. Not a bad win for a guy who says he won the coin while playing poker.

When he left and the negotiating was through, Rick paid $80,000 and didn’t seem to mind the decision one bit. That’s a coin you just have to buy if given the opportunity. Check out the full interaction in the video below.

Rare coins aren’t all that rare it seems when it comes to Pawn Stars.

Rick Harrison Drops Money For ‘Stella Coin’ on ‘Pawn Stars’

The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop gets a lot of business. Throughout the years, even before TV, the shop was the place to go for rare antiques and items in the Las Vegas area. While the desert has its downside, at least there isn’t a lot of humidity going around to rust up old cars and other items.

With the reputation that the Pawn Stars have and their location, it is no wonder that rare coins make their way into the shop all the time. After all, if you don’t have any more poker chips, you can always bet whatever coin might be laying in your pocket. The 1870s, gold $4 coin made its way into Rick’s shop not long ago.

Nicknamed the “Stella” for the star on the back of it, the coin was never given out to the public by the US Mint. Instead, they almost immediately became collectibles. As you might imagine, not many of them exist today. Not to be outdone by the silver dollar, this gold coin cost Rick even more money. After the expert visit and the negotiation, Harrison paid $92,000 for the item.