‘Pawn Stars’ Discovers a One of a Kind Painting

by Amy Myers

When a Jim Daly painting walked into Rick Harrison’s shop, the Pawn Stars owner knew he needed to clear some space on his walls.

In a past episode of Pawn Stars, a lucky seller happened to have had a “one of a kind” painting in his possession. The man walked up to Harrison’s counter with the painting held gingerly in his hands. According to the current owner, the artwork first belonged to his father, who earned the masterpiece as gratuity for his job as a mover.

Now in need of some cash for his own business, the seller was looking to get $13,000 from the Daly piece.

Take a look at the western contemporary painting in the clip below.

Of course, as with any painting, the Pawn Stars shop owner’s primary concern was the piece’s authenticity. While the work boasted Daly’s signature (and thumbprint), Harrison worried that it was only a print – not the real deal.

“That’s what scares me because it’s on canvas, but they got some incredible printing technologies right now. They can print what looks like a painting on canvas,” Harrison explained.

Naturally, he invited one of his reliable experts over to the counter so that he could get a second opinion.

How ‘Pawn Stars’ Expert Confirrmed Authenticity of Painting

Enter Brett Maly, a professional appraiser for the Las Vegas gallery, Art Encounter. Armed with a pair of white gloves, Maly handled the potential painting with care as he inspected it for signs of authenticity. Meanwhile, the Pawn Stars shop owner expressed his concern regarding the lack of texture from brush strokes. Harrison feared that the smooth surface of the canvas signified that it was a print.

But then Maly located a telltale sign that assured that the piece was, in fact, a Daly original.

When the art appraiser flipped the framed work over, he found paint drips that ran to the corners of the canvas. That’s not something you’d see on a print.

So, without further hesitation, Maly gave the Daly his seal of approval and left the owner to make a deal with the Pawn Stars.

Harrison Slices Asking Price in Half

While the painting was authentic and from a famous contemporary artist, Harrison wasn’t ready to shell out $13,000 for the work. As he reminded the seller, it would take time to sell the painting. The seller then knocked $3,000 off, but this still was too high of a price.

The Pawn Stars shop owner explained that few people had thousands of dollars to spend on artwork these days. He had plenty of other unique and original paintings that were still on his walls. So, the best he could do was $6,500.

Thankfully, this was a reasonable enough price for the seller. With a handshake and a check, Harrison added Jim Daly to his shop’s art collection.