‘Pawn Stars’: This Rare Colt May Have Belonged to Buffalo Bill

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars fans have watched some insane items come through the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop over the years. Customers bring in everything from rare coins to antique toys. One time, someone even came in trying to sell a Soviet fighter jet. However, this revolver might be the coolest item to ever make its way to the shop’s counter.

In Pawn Stars’ seventh season, someone came in carrying a pistol with an incredible story behind it. It was a 1938 Colt Patterson revolver. That, in and of itself, makes the gun a rare find. However, things got more interesting when the customer told the story behind the handgun. “The cool thing about this particular piece is that this gun belonged to William R. Manning, who was a Civil War colonel.”

That grabbed the attention of the Pawn Stars team. However, it kept getting better. He went on to explain that legendary western traveling show star Buffalo Bill got the revolver from Manning at some point. Then, gave the pistol to Manning’s daughter and her husband, Pawnee Bill. The age of the gun combined with its history, the customer said, made the gun worth “every penny” of $15k.

Corey didn’t know who anyone in the story was. However, he was interested in the piece. He was apprehensive, though. Customers had brought in fake Colt Patterson pistols before.

Anyone who has watched Pawn Stars knows what happens next. Corey called in an expert.  

The ‘Pawn Stars’ Team Gets a History Lesson

The expert came in and began to expect the gun. He started by saying that the Patterson Colt was the “gun that started it all” because it was the first-ever percussion revolver. Then, he inspected the barrel length and a few other points. He assured Corey that the gun was the genuine article.

There’s a tense moment when, after looking at one of the two serial numbers, the expert thinks they may have a priceless piece. One serial number was 2 which would mean that it was the second Colt Patterson ever made. However, the other serial number didn’t match. Still, the gun was worth plenty of cash. There aren’t many remaining in the world today.

In the end, the expert said that the gun was real and the story behind it was most likely true. Then, he told the Pawn Stars crew that Colt Patterson was worth about $25,000. This is another one of those moments where fans of the show know what’s coming next. A nearly-insulting lowball offer.

With this new knowledge, the customer asked for $19,000. Corey made him a counter-offer of $12,000. The customer hit the nail on the head when he said. “Let’s see. I bring in a gun and you wanna rob me?” In the end, Corey talked him down to his original asking price of $15,000. Check out the clip below.