‘Pawn Stars’ Feels the Need for Speed With a ‘Top Gun’ Vintage Toy

by Kati Michelle

This one combines two of our Outsiders’ favorite things. Cult classic movies and “Pawn Stars”/antiquing. Rick Harrison, his son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison, and Corey’s childhood friend Chumlee have seen a thing or two over the years. And you won’t find a better group of hagglers than the crew at the famed “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” in Las Vegas, Nevada. So that’s exactly what they did when this particular find walked into the shop.

This might honestly be the coolest vintage toy set you’ve ever seen. A 1987 “Top Gun” pilot play set fit with a helmet, a plastic missile-firing F-14 Tomcat, sunglasses, a map, and a squadron patch. The incredible gem walked into the famed “Pawn Stars” shop during Season 19 Episode 12. Here’s what went down:

Talk to Me Goose ‘What’s This Thing Worth?’

Tom Cruise’s Maverick character flies an F-14 Tomcat in the cult classic, which was first used by the US Navy in 1970. It could track up to two dozen enemy aircraft nearly 200 miles away. A replica is found in the vintage “Top Gun” playset that this gentleman brought in during a particularly interesting episode of “Pawn Stars.” He says the items have never been played with and everything is sealed.

The gentleman reveals he’s looking for around $400 for the piece. But as we all know, the “Pawn Stars” guys have to make a profit too. So the group enters the “Danger Zone” and the dog fight begins.

You can catch the toy appraisal here:

The “Pawn Stars” crew immediately voices some concerns over the anticipated $400 for the shoddy condition of the box. They also bring up the fact that the HG Toys Japanese brand wasn’t popular for very long before shutting down. To make sure the appraisal stays fair, though, they call in their buddy Steve for some help.

Steve gives the box a “good condition” score and even calls it a rare find. Ultimately, he values it at around $800 and turns it back over to Corey and Chumlee. The pair stays firm on their $400 appraisal and the gentleman accepts the deal.

It turns out that the appraiser actually grew up in the same town where the majority of the film was shot. He even reveals a funny little tidbit about Tom Cruise in his earlier days of fame. Apparently, the “Maverick” was often seen doing his own laundry at the local laundromat.

‘Top Gun’ Sequel Updates

In case you didn’t already know, “Top Gun” is getting a sequel. Tom Cruise will head the project which has already seen several delays this year. Fans will also spot a familiar face with Val Kilmer making an appearance. Cruise was adamant about this and refused to do the project unless the costars were reunited.

Currently, the release is scheduled for 2022.