‘Pawn Stars’: Fossiled Egg Nets One Collector an Incredible Value

by Jonathan Howard

Strange and unusual items coming into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop on Pawn Stars all the time. However, one egg might have been one of the most interesting. Rick Harrison is no stranger to bizarre items, but this one almost had him stumped.

Harrison was posed with an interesting negotiation. A customer who deals in buying and selling fossils and artifacts came in with a giant egg. It belonged to a prehistoric species of bird called the elephant bird. While there used to be a lot of mythology around the bird, experts have learned more. Basically, a 10-foot-tall ostrich running around Madagascar. So, it figures that the eggs would be large as well.

Check out the video below.

The egg is a composite of pieces of other eggs. There are very few eggs that are whole pieces. However, these composite fossils are still worth some money. Pawn Stars lead Rick Harrison didn’t really know what to do with the egg. After some jokes and some questions about the egg, he got to the bottom line. He asked how much the customer wanted and she said her price was $2500.

When dealing with these types of rarities, Harrison almost always has an expert. This was no different. Believe it or not, the Pawn Stars have a fossil guy. So, they called him up and waited for the expert to check things out before making a decision.

Giant Egg Fetches High Price on ‘Pawn Stars’

Since the Pawn Stars didn’t know what the worth might be, Rick got a paleontologist friend to come over and check it out. The expert was excited to hold the egg and check it out. It isn’t every day you get to hold such a unique fossil. He started to explain what went into the value. Mostly how intact it is, how well put together the pieces are, and other finer details. When he had completed his inspection, all that was left was to give an appraisal.

$5900 is the number that the paleontologist put out there. However, as we all know, that isn’t what Harrison is going to pay. There was a small negotiation. Rick said he could do $2800 while the customer tried to get him up to $3000. However, he wouldn’t budge. Figuring she got more than what she asked, the customer wasn’t too upset about receiving an offer $3100 under what the expert said.

When you take an item to the Pawn Stars you aren’t going to get retail. The shop has to flip the item for a profit. So, it is always a hard time being the customer wanting to get the most out of your piece. In the end, if you want full price don’t take it to a pawn shop. However, Rick Harrison will keep getting great items in his shop for viewers to see and learn about.