‘Pawn Stars’ Goes Prehistoric With Latest Find

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo credit should read Feature China / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Whenever Pawn Stars comes on the TV, fans never know what to expect. From cars to jewelry and even… dinosaur eggs? Seriously, anything could come through that door.

Rick Harrison and his crew have bought a lot of wild and rare stuff over the years. If they think that they can make some money off an item, then they want to buy it. When one customer brought in two dinosaur eggs to the store, Corey didn’t know what to think.

Of course, he has a guy. The local dinosaur expert came down and gave things a look. The owner of the eggs wanted to get $20,000 for the pair. However, there needed to be some verification done first. First, he had to determine if they were genuine. They were, so far, so good.

Then, things got a little more interesting. Pawn Stars is hardly ever cut and dry. Items can lose or gain value based on a variety of reasons. Check out the video below to see how it played out for yourself.

While the eggs looked like a giant peanut or just a weird rock, there is some value to them. However, they are not worth nearly what the customer thought they would be. Instead, the expert said that the eggs were worth around $800 or so. It depends on who is buying them.

With thousands of similar eggs on the market, and the fact the pair wasn’t a real pair and were pieced together instead, the value just isn’t what it might have been years ago. So, Corey went into negotiations. The Pawn Stars have to make some money on these eggs, so he offered $400. A short negotiation and the seller settled on $500 for the 60 million-year-old eggs.

‘Pawn Stars’ Experts That Went From ‘I Got A Guy’ To Their Own Show

Everyone that has seen the show knows that the Pawn Stars and Rick Harrison always have a guy. When they need something checked on or verified, “I’ve got a guy who can come down and take a look,” is almost always what Rick says.

Throughout the years, there have been a few of those experts and “guys” that were given a shot at having their own show. Rick Dale of Rick’s Restorations did a lot of work for Harrison on antiques and other projects. His show American Restoration lasted seven seasons on History.

Of course, there is Danny “The Count” Koker, who would go on to star in Counting Cars. That show has found a lot of success and just finished up 10 seasons this past year. The Pawn Stars ripple effect is real and has led to others being given a shot at History Channel fame.