‘Pawn Stars’: Is the Time Right for this 1800s Silver Pocket Watch?

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars fans are used to seeing Rick and the rest of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop crew deal with a wide range of items. They get everything from historic guns and military vehicles to antique toys. Sellers bring in their estate sale finds, family heirlooms, and collections in hopes of scoring a big payday. One customer thought the time was right to sell his father’s antique pocket watch.

Back in season 8 of Pawn Stars, a customer named Leslie came in with something really special. He was carrying a Swiss-made Doxa pocket watch from the 1800s. However, it wasn’t just that it was an antique Swiss watch that made it so special. The watch was big, ornate, and the case was made of silver.

Along with being an antique silver watch, it was huge. In fact, Rick commented on its size when Leslie handed it to him. “That’s one damn big watch,” the Pawn Stars head honcho exclaimed. Fans of the show know that Rick has some good-sized mitts and the watch almost completely filled his palm. After marveling over the size of the watch and its ornate casing, Leslie told the story behind the watch.

According to him, his father was a freedom fighter in the Hungarian revolution. When he fled the country he could only take what he could carry on his person. As a result, the watch was one of the only things he took with him. He told the Pawn Stars boss that it had been sitting in a drawer for more than 20 years. He decided that the time was right to make a little money from it.

A Surprise for Pawn Stars Fans

Rick was definitely interested in the watch. He balked a little when Leslie told him he wanted no less than $500 for it. Pawn Stars fans are used to seeing Rick and the gang throw out low-ball offers. This transaction was a bit of an exception. First, Rick said that he’d usually offer about $100 for a European pocket watch. However, the fact that the case was both massive and made out of silver made this watch different.

Rick’s opening offer was $400. He was pretty close to Leslie’s asking price. However, he wasn’t quite there, and the seller didn’t want to move too far. In the end, Rick shook Leslie’s hand on a $475 price tag.

Pawn Stars fans know that Rick will do all he can to avoid taking a loss on a sale. So, the fact that he was willing to drop that much cash without much haggling means that there’s a good chance that this particular watch is really something special. However, we don’t get any more information on it.