‘Pawn Stars’: Massive Collection of Civil War Pistols Is a Good Shot at a Large Profit

by Samantha Whidden

The guys from Pawn Stars have seen a lot of things come and go in their pawn shop, but one of the most interesting items was none other than a massive collection of Civil War pistols. 

In a December 2020 interview, the Pawn Stars were introduced to 13 Civil War pistols. The owner stated they originally belonged to his grandfather’s grandfather. “They’ve been passed down to me about 20 years ago.”

The seller noted that he is appearing on Pawn Stars to sell his pistol collection because he believes most of the pistols are from the 1860s and 1870s.

“So I’ve kept them in the case. They’ve traveled with me from state to state as I’ve moved. They’re in really good condition. I figured that nobody else in the family wanted them.”

The seller then declares he’s hoping to sell the collection to the Pawn Stars crew for $6,500.

What Kind of Guns Were Brought to the ‘Pawn Stars’?

Rick Harrison was examining the pistols and noted that the firearms were 32 rimfires, which were a popular caliber back in the Civil War days.

“After the Civil War, all the people that were making guns for the war were making civilian model this,” the reality TV star explained. He also said that the 32 rimfire was not a super-powerful round.

“It will kill you, but less expensive guns could shoot it. If you had the money, you’d go buy yourself a colt army or you’d buy yourself a Remington,” Harrison goes on to share. He then said if you didn’t buy either one of the other firearms, you would buy one of the 32’s. “This was actually a decent little gun. Real convenient to slide inside a boot and everything like that.”

The Pawn Stars castmate then said that the 32s were an inexpensive way to defend yourself. Especially in the Wild West.

How Much Did the Pawn Shop Offer For the Guns?

Harrison actually needed to make a phone call during the transaction to have someone come down to talk about the guns. Unfortunately, the guy (Alex) who was going to look at the firearms, was not available. “I don’t want to take a chance on losing them. I’ll tell you what because I’m sort of buying a pig and a poke here.”

The Pawn Stars crew then decided to offer $3,500 for all of the guns.

“That’s definitely lower than I was thinking,” the owner declared. “Could you do like $5,500?”

Harrison goes on to say that he knows there’s money here when it comes to the guns. He just doesn’t know exactly how much the guns are worth. He then offered $4,000. The owner actually ended up accepting the offer.