‘Pawn Stars’: One 200 Year Old Gun Ended Up Being Worth a Fortune

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by: Sepia Times/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Pawn Stars fans have watched several guns come into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Sometimes, sellers bring in family heirlooms, other times they have collections of firearms from as far back as the Civil War. Every now and then, the Harrisons get their hands on guns that were owned by legends of the American West. However, they rarely see foreign antique firearms. One seller almost broke the bank with his antique French shotgun.

In season 12 of Pawn Stars, a customer named Dennis came in with an ornate, antique, double-barreled shotgun. As soon as he walked into the shop, Corey knew that he was looking at “something fancy” but couldn’t tell much else about the gun. He did, however, know that it was French in origin. So, he called Rick over to look at the gun.

Pawn Stars fans know that Rick’s knowledge of historical firearms is pretty vast. He proved that again when he looked at the shotgun. Rick saw that Nicolas-Noel Boutet made the gun. Boutet, Rick explained, “was like the Rembrandt of guns,” and was the first to really combine the art and function of firearms. He went on to say that someone would have to be incredibly wealthy to own one of Boutet’s guns.

Pawn Stars fans won’t be surprised to know that Corey was ready to call in Alex, their gun expert. Rick jokingly told him to hold off. “If he just wants fifty bucks for it I’ll just give him that now.” Dennis assured him that he wasn’t going to part with the gun for fifty bucks. In fact, he was looking to get 10 grand out of it. Rick told Corey to call the expert.

Expert Appraisal Costs the Pawn Stars Crew

Rick said that he knew the gun was worth at least $10,000. However, the Pawn Stars boss wanted to know more about the gun and its value. The first thing that Alex said when he laid eyes on the gun was “holy moly.”

The expert went on to explain that Boutet was the gunsmith in 18th and early 19th century France. In fact, he was the official royal gunsmith for Louis XVI, the final king of France. Additionally, he was Napoleon’s gunsmith.  When Rick called him the Rembrandt of guns, he wasn’t wrong.

Then, Alex got down to brass tacks. He told the Pawn Stars crew that a simple non-ornamental Boutet rifle would be worth $10,000. However, if he were to measure how ornate the gun was on a scale of one to ten, Dennis had a six. But, he wouldn’t be truly comfortable putting a price on it until he test-fired it.

After taking the gun to the range, Alex said the Boutet would fetch up to 30 grand at an auction. In the end, Rick and Dennis agreed on a $16,000 price. Now, Rick can say he has a nice Boutet.