‘Pawn Stars’: One Long-Running Show Is Actually a Spinoff

by Madison Miller

There’s something very consistent and calming about turning on an episode of “Pawn Stars.”

You always know what to expect in the sense that you’ll get tossed momentarily into the world of the family-owned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. This is where iconic people like Chumlee, Corey, and Rick all work. While there’s a list of expected, the team, as well as viewers, never know what will walk through that door.

There have been so many historical and timeless pieces found on “Pawn Stars.” Given the success of the store and the show, it’s no wonder the network has tried its luck at different spin-off shows.

“Pawn Stars” was responsible for several spin-off shows such as “American Restoration,” “Cajun Pawn Stars,” “Pawnography,” “Pawn Stars UK,” and “Pawn Stars Australia.”

The most successful, however, is the show called “Counting Cars.”

‘Counting Cars’ is a ‘Pawn Stars’ Success Story

This show features one of the experts that occasionally was featured on “Pawn Stars.”

The expert in question is Danny “The Count” Koker. He was one of the workers over at the show’s home base, Count’s Kustoms. So, what makes “Counting Cars” different than the rest?

Well, for starters, the store is not a family business. Unlike “Pawn Stars” there is no family drama or bickering that the show focuses on. Any of the drama on “Counting Cars” comes from the business side of things.

The show has stayed relevant for a number of reasons. For starters, the show certainly will attract car lovers, especially those that love high price tag work. In fact, some of the crew’s work has been for some celebrities in the past. One of which is Cassandra Peterson, or “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.” Others include Dee Snider, Alice Cooper, and Ziggy Marley.

It’s no question that “Counting Cars” is the most popular “Pawn Stars” spin-off. It happens to be the only one that is still active and is the longest-running, as well. It’s where we also got introduced to some pretty interesting people like Ryan Evans, Roli Szabo, and Scott Jones.

How Real is ‘Counting Cars?’

At the end of the day, “Pawn Stars” and the spin-off show “Counting Cars” are both reality series. This means that viewers should take what’s happening on the screen with a grain of salt. There is certainly going to be a level of staging and production involved.

According to Distractify, Danny Koker claims that “Counting Cars” is real. However, there are some aspects that get some added flair. For example, the per-project budgets, which are pretty strict according to the show, aren’t as important in real life. Also, the crew has to follow certain time limits to get a particular vehicle done for the client.

This added sense of urgency, both through time and finances, helps make the show more dramatic and entertaining for fans at home. As for finances, the crew gets paid by History and also makes their own salary from working on the cars. Not to mention, Koker also has several other businesses so he certainly isn’t short on cash.