‘Pawn Stars’: One Vintage Firefighter Helmet May be Too Hot of a Deal

by Jonathan Howard

There are times when Rick Harrison and the Pawn Stars have to go out looking for pieces to complete sets for items they bought.

One of those instances came up when a customer brought in an old pump. It wasn’t any old pump either, it was specifically designed for firefighters. In the late 1800s, oxygen tanks weren’t a thing. If you wanted air pumped to someone in a burning building or diving into water, it required manual pumping. With firefighter antiques flying off shelves all over the country, it isn’t surprising that Rick wanted this piece.

There was just one issue with it… first, he had to get it at the right price, that’s a given. However, this customer really only had half of the set. The pump, no hose, and no helmet. Let alone the entire suit that went over the body of the firefighter. However, not all was lost. The Pawn Stars still wanted it.

Rick saw that pump and decided if he can get it for a solid price, he can find the rest of the set later. So, he sent Chumlee out on a mission to find one. Surprisingly, he did. This Season 9 moment was a gamble for the shop. With the pump secured for just $200 versus the $800 the seller wanted, Harrison was well on his way to completing the set.

Pawn Stars fans know that things don’t always go over that easily at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. When Rick was met face to face with the piece he needed to make this pump a complete set, he really wanted to lock it down and get closer to selling the items to a collector. That isn’t quite what happened.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Can’t Get a Deal

There are not many folks that are deal makers quite like Rick and his crew. When something valuable comes through that door, all they care about is getting the negotiations done and a solid price. If they can flip it, they want it. The Pawn Stars tried to do that with the firefighter equipment but fell short.

As Rick talked with the seller, he started to notice some things. The leather of the helmet was redone along with other restoration work. It wasn’t bad restoration work, but something that he picked up on while looking over the helmet. As usual, the customer just had too high of a price. $6000. Harrison tried to talk him down to $1500, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

Without the helmet, Harrison set the pump back on the shelf. Who knows when an 1880s firefighter’s smoke helmet will come walking through that door. If it were going to happen anywhere, Pawn Stars would be the place.