‘Pawn Stars’: One Vintage Rifle Is Worth a Small Fortune

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

It’s always a history lesson on “Pawn Stars.” Most fans of the show know when someone brings in an old, historic weapon, there’s usually a really cool story associated with it. This is the case when Chumlee visits a man’s pasture to talk about his Brown Bess Gun.

The unusual item is permanently mounted on a platform. It’s fairly large and definitely decades old. In fact, the gun was used during the Revolutionary War. This is known from the King George III seal that’s encrypted near the gun’s trigger.

Chumlee remarks how interesting the gun is and wonders if it’s still in working condition. The seller lets him know that he and his family used to shoot the gun all the time as kids.

Shooting the Antique Rifle

A military weapons expert is brought in to examine the antique. After looking it over, he determines the rare rifle is authentic and from the 1700s. Further, the “Pawn Stars” personality is told that the gun was used against a wall for long-range firing. When you put the rifle against a wall, it doesn’t recoil. This certainly gets Chumlee excited.

But before the gun expert can put a price on the item, he wants to make sure it’ll actually shoot. After prepping the weapon and setting up some targets, the expert fires away. A resounding booming sound cracks in the air as the gun expert hits two of the targets at once.

This brings sounds of cheer and excitement all around. Soon after, the expert knows the gun will sell for a whopping $20,000. The seller was originally asking for $7,500 but now he knows he can up his asking price.

After a round of negotiations, the seller agrees to sell to the “Pawn Stars” host for $14,000 – making the seller’s day and sending Chumlee back to Las Vegas a happy camper.

“Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison Shares How Items Get Picked for Show

And while we’ve all seen some pretty rare and amazing items on the show, there are often too many people who visit the Las Vegas pawn shop to air everything. But the show’s Rick Harrison shares how he goes about picking antiques to air.

“Basically if it’s something different and it hasn’t been on the show before,” Rick said with Freesat. “Sometimes I see just a picture of something and then I’ll approve it. And then I won’t see it again until it’s actually in front of me a couple of months later.”

He adds:

“Sometimes I actually have to stop the camera and do a little research. But in general that’s all me, I’m just that nerd you see on television and that’s how we do it. Usually, if it’s something different and cool. It’s normally based off an image on the internet, a really small one, and I think it looks really cool. I say bring it on in. Because with most of these things if you want to see if it’s real you’ve got to see it in person.”