‘Pawn Stars’ Pulls a Nicolas Cage for This Declaration of Independence Deal

by Courtney Blackann

The History Channel show host just made one of the coolest purchases ever. However, “Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison didn’t have to pull off an elaborate heist to obtain an original reprint of the Declaration of Independence. But he definitely shelled out some cash purchasing the rare piece of American history.

The experienced pawnbroker met up privately with a collector who owned the piece. The extremely rare reprint of the Declaration is from the night of July 4, 1776. It was sent out to major cities in the United States. During this time, the manifest was nailed to a wall at the town hall for all people to see.

“This is absolutely amazing. I mean, this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my career,” Harrison says upon seeing the document.

The seller, Jeremy, says he’s been in the rare document business for years. His particular reprint of the Declaration of Independence comes from a private collection. It was printed by Philadelphia printer John Dunlap. It’s also never been sold at an auction.

“Pawn Stars” Host Gets Lesson on Declaration of Independence

A surprising fact that “Pawn Stars” fans may learn is that the actual Declaration of Independence was actually signed about a month after the printed documents were sent to major cities. American historical document expert Seth Kaller remarks that it was signed as sort of a souvenir. But the printed documents, only about 200 ever made, were the way the news got out.

Upon evaluation, Kaller shares that the item is in superb condition for something that was never meant to be saved. He says that the nail marks, lettering, and other marks in the paper show that it is authentic.

Further, the document expert says it would sell at an auction for upwards of $2 million dollars. Harrison is delighted while learning the Declaration is truly from 1776.

“You can imagine, you know, it’s 1776 and someone walking up to this document and reading it – and it changed their lives…the world changed when people looked at this document,” Kaller says.

After a bit of negotiating on the price, the “Pawn Stars” frontman offers Jeremy $1.45 million for the scarce piece of history.

The seller quickly accepts the price. He notes that he’s happy not to have to deal with any auction fees.

“Oh my gosh, I own the Declaration of Independence,” Harrison remarks excitedly after the deal is done. “I will get the money wired to you and will pick it up tomorrow. I have a friend I want to show it to, so just keep it until tomorrow, and thanks again.”

While he’s not planning a treasure hunt with Nicolas Cage anytime soon, Harrison can sleep soundly knowing he’s one of very few to own such a groundbreaking piece of history.