‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Discover Toilet Seat Out of This World

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars fans are used to seeing Rick and the rest of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop crew get all manner of antiques. Usually, things like guns, toys, and jewelry are the norm. Additionally, some sellers bring vehicles to the shop in hopes of driving off with a big paycheck. However, not everything is so normal. Sometimes, sellers bring in some hilariously unique items.

That was the case back in season 8 of Pawn Stars. A customer named Jay came into the shop and told Rick that he had something “out of this world” to show him. Then, he produced a toilet seat from a NASA space shuttle. Rick and Corey both got a kick out of the item. However, it didn’t take them long to get down to business.

In a cutaway, Jay explained to the Pawn Stars audience that he was hoping to get $400 out of the toilet seat. However, he said he would go as low as $100.

The Pawn Stars Crew Gets Down to Business

Pawn Stars fans know that Rick and Corey both have good senses of humor. So, it should come as no surprise that they couldn’t keep a straight face during this transaction. Sure, both of the Harrisons take money very seriously. However, Jay handed them an out-of-this-world inspiration for toilet-themed jokes.

Before talking about money, Rick talked to the Pawn Stars audience in a cutaway scene of his own. He explained that the item was cool and unique. However, he said that he didn’t know what to pay for it because, “I don’t know what the toilet seat market is doing right now,” while doubling over in laughter.

Pawn Stars fans know that Rick and the guys know a long list of experts. However, it might come as a surprise that they knew just the guy to call to appraise the NASA toilet seat. Rick called in Mark Hall-Patton who runs an aerospace museum. Mark gave the guys some good news and some bad news.

First, he confirmed that the toilet seat did, in fact, match those used by NASA. Unfortunately, this particular seat never went to space. He said that it was easy to tell because those that made the trip to space had a titanium insert in the bottom with a serial number. This did not. So, it was most likely a prototype.

So, on one hand, the Pawn Stars crew didn’t have something that went to space. On the other hand, they weren’t buying a used toilet seat. That seems to balance out nicely.

In the end, Jay didn’t want to come down from this $400 price tag. However, Rick was willing to meet him at $300. They shook on it, and Jay walked away flush with cash.