‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Haggles Over Classic Military Vehicle

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars fans are used to seeing all manner of items come into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop. Usually, though, these items are small enough for sellers to carry into the shop. For instance, antique books, pistols with interesting stories, and jewelry are common on the show. Sometimes, Rick and the gang have a chance to get their hands on a classic car or other vehicles. These episodes are always interesting because the stakes are so much higher.

Back in season 5 of Pawn Stars, a customer named Steven came to the shop with a vintage military vehicle. He showed Rick and Chumlee his 1962 M422A1 Mighty Mite. Rick knew exactly what it was when he saw it sitting in the lot. Steven bought the car years ago and refurbished it from the ground up.

In a cutaway, Steven tells the Pawn Stars audience that he put about $40k into restoring the vehicle. He came to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop hoping to get about $24k out of the vintage military vehicle.

The Mighty Mite Impresses the Pawn Stars Crew

The Mighty Mite is an impressive vehicle. American Motor Company designed the vehicles for the United States Marine Corps. It was light enough that a helicopter could carry it. Additionally, it could drive in up to 60 inches of water. American Motors built the M422A1 to go anywhere. However, by the time it was ready to hit the front lines, it was already obsolete. Helicopters could carry more and the USMC didn’t have much need for the small vehicle. But, the Pawn Stars crew was impressed by the vehicle and the condition it was in.

Rick was immediately interested in buying the Mighty Mite. He knew that he could sell it to a variety of people. Jeep collectors as well as military collectors would be ready to spend some serious money on the item. However, Rick had no idea what the M422A1 was worth. So, as many Pawn Stars fans would expect, he called in an expert.

Rick Calls the Count

Rick called in Danny, the owner of Count’s Kustoms. He was just as excited about the Mighty Mite as the Pawn Stars crew. He gushed about the expert-level restoration. Then, he asked Steven if he and Rick could test-drive the jeep. It ran like a dream.

In the end, Danny said the M422A1 was “safely” worth between thirteen and fifteen thousand dollars. In a cutaway, he revealed that he didn’t give the actual value of the vehicle. Instead, he said, “Rick’s got to make money. So he’s got to buy it at a certain amount and he’s got to market it to a mass group of people.”

Rick wouldn’t go any higher than $14,000 and Steven wouldn’t go below $20,000. In the end, Steven kept the Mighty Mite saying that he’d rather donate it to a military museum if he was going to take that much of a loss on it.