‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison & Crew Watch Real Cannon Blast Target in New Episode

by Jonathan Howard

When it comes to Pawn Stars there are always new and interesting items being bought and sold by Rick Harrison and his team.

The latest seems to be a real cannon that still shoots. Harrison has bought many antique firearms now it looks like he could be interested in some major firepower. Of course, there are always questions and hesitations with items like this. The most surprising part is the fact that Harrison is in Springtown, Pennslyvania.

So, a long way from his Las Vegas home, Rick is looking at a cannon. The northeast of the United States is full of the most historic American items and antiques around. It makes sense with it being the home of the first colonies. Is this a Revolutionary or Civil War-era cannon? Who knows? Now watch it shoot below on Rick’s Instagram.

According to the Pawn Stars’ caption, it looks like Harrison is just enjoying some old artillery. He says that he is “Checking out things that go [boom] with International Military Antiques.” That is going to be on an all-new episode tonight on History.

In the video, we can see that there is a big target at the end of the range. After taking a close look at it, you can see that a crude drawing of a person with a large head and little body is painted on the wood. It also says, “Rick H.” So, it looks like Rick is seeing himself being shot with a cannon. While that is strange, the good news is the ball appears to have bounced off the target.

Cartoon Rick lives on. The Pawn Stars headman was in nearby New York last week.

‘Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Goes to New York for Copy of Declaration of Independence

Last week, Rick Harrison was up in New York City. It appears that he is taking a tour of the region looking for old and valuable pieces. If he can bring some big-ticket items back to the Gold and Silver Pawn then that will make the trip all worth it.

Perhaps no other item is more impressive than what Harrison found in NYC. This isn’t a Nicolas Cage movie plot, but Harrison was looking at an original copy of the Declaration of Independence. This piece has a lot of history behind it and that is something that draws fans and Rick himself.

During the visit, the Pawn Stars man in charge was faced with a tough decision. Of course, he brought his own expert. He says he got the best guy in the city, which is saying something. However, the seller wanted a hefty price. A cool $2,000,000 original asking price left Harrison unsure if he would pull the trigger.