‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Discovers Rare Rifle from Battle of Wounded Knee

by Courtney Blackann

While the “Pawn Stars” frontman Rick Harrison has seen a lot of pieces of history, he’s known for his level-headed negotiating skills. The television personality won’t overbid an item – no matter how cool it is.

This is the case with a rifle from around 1890, which was in the Battle of the Wounded Knee. This battle, or massacre as it’s often referred to, was a time when the U.S. Army killed almost 200 Lakota Native Americans. The moment in history is defining, and one that a “Pawn Stars” historian described as a time when the view of Native Americans began to shift in a positive direction.

So when a man came into the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop with the rifle and paperwork to back it, it impresses Harrison. He viewed the rifle and checked it out to make sure it actually did come from the 19th century.

While he’s pretty knowledgable after a career in pawnbroking for more than 30 years, he still wants reassurance from an expert that the rifle really was used during the epic battle.

‘Pawn Stars’ Gun Deal is No-Go

The season eight episode shows an expert and historian from a local museum who examines both the paperwork and the gun. He confirms that the gun did, indeed, come from around 1890 and was most likely in the Battle of the Wounded Knee.

Though the paperwork doesn’t say the words “Wounded Knee,” Harrison and the historian decide that the papers and the weapon’s serial number are enough to confirm the man’s claim.

Now it comes down to negotiating price. The man hoped it would be worth around a couple hundred thousand. But Harrison quickly puts this to bed. He says that unless the rifle comes from an individual, it definitely isn’t worth that much. Further, Harrison said even at an auction, no one will buy the rifle for that price.

The man then counters with an offer of $50,000. Again, Harrison says the guy is “off his rocker” if he believes the gun will sell for that much. The “Pawn Stars” star counters with an offer for $14,000.

However, the man says it’s a no-go. While they didn’t make a deal, Harrison wishes him the best of luck in finding a buyer.

“I hope he gets it price checked all over and comes crawling back here,” Harrison says in the clip.

While they couldn’t make a deal, it’s all good with Harrison. He and the pawnbrokers know some customers will have unrealistic expectations. However, it’s still a lesson in history when someone brings in a rare item. And one that Harrison thrives on. The “Pawn Stars” guru loves examining antiques that have a strong foundation in the history of the United States or other cultures.