‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Enjoys Some Time Outdoors Surrounded by the ‘Best Art’

by Amy Myers
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for ACM)

Pawn Stars shop owner Rick Harrison spends most of his time in his Las Vegas shop, and while his business is extremely rewarding both financially and emotionally, he still looks forward to those moments when he can get away. Recently, Harrison took a trip to Port Orford, Oregon where he had a chance to spend the day out in the sunshine when he can bask in the beauty of nature.

Harrison posted a photo from his trip on Instagram. In the snapshot, the Pawn Stars celebrity looked towards the sky in front of a wood chopping block. Behind him were a glass-like lake and a few wooden cabins.

Harrison chose an Andy Warhol quote, “Land really is the best art,” to caption his post.

This is one of the few times that we’ve seen the Pawn Stars shop owner take a vacation, and clearly, he seems to have needed a break from the usual chaos and excitement of his career. Hopefully, Harrison enjoyed some much-needed solidarity while his son and Chumlee take care of the shop back in Nevada.

‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner Enjoys a Different Type of Art

Meanwhile, back at Gold & Silver Pawnshop, the Pawn Stars team has seen their fair share of unique art indoors, and sometimes, they find one-of-a-kind pieces that are worth a small fortune.

Take, for example, when a seller walked in with what they believed to be a Jim Daly original. According to the previous owner, the painting came into his possession after his father received it as gratitude for his job as a mover. His dad bestowed the piece onto his son, and his son was now in need of some extra cash. So, he was hoping that this painting was worth the name it boasted on the bottom right corner.

Of course, as usual, the Pawn Stars shopowner was skeptical that the canvas could be a fake.

“That’s what scares me because it’s on canvas, but they got some incredible printing technologies right now. They can print what looks like a painting on canvas,” Harrison explained to the artwork’s owner.

Once they got an expert on the scene, though, they discovered that artwork was, indeed, a Daly original. Harrison’s art expert confirmed this by looking at the edges of the canvas underneath the frame. There, he could see that the paint drips continued to the corners, a feature you can’t fake on a print.

Originally, the seller asked for $13,000 for the unique painting, and while Daly’s work was in high demand, Harrison wasn’t willing to pay this much. After some haggling, the Pawn Stars shopowner managed to widdle down the price to just $6,500, a steal for such a gorgeous piece of art.