‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Is ‘Getting Into the Christmas Spirit’

by Kati Michelle

While Christmas classics continue to draw in backlash, Santa is busy prepping his reindeer, making his list, and checking it twice. With just about two weeks remaining on the advent calendars, there’s simply no denying it anymore. ‘Tis the season! Even Rick Harrison of “Pawn Stars” who never backs down from a heated debate knows it to be true.

A recent Instagram post from the star shows him rocking a red and white Santa hat and a signature look on his face that says “The best I can do is Happy Holidays.” We say, take the deal.

Check it out:

The geotag lets us know that the snap was taken from the very famed “Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Fans could probably tell by the background, though. Within minutes of the post going up, they gathered from all over the world to wish their favorite “Pawn Stars” guy a happy holiday. In fact, there were comments from fans in Brazil, France, and even Russia.

How the ‘Pawn Stars’ Cast Favorite Can Join You in Celebrating the Holidays

In the caption of his festive Instagram post, Rick Harrison also revealed a gift idea for any last-minute “Pawn Star” fan shoppers. He teamed up with cameo and will be providing personalized messages as requested. For the small price of a Benjamin and a Jackson, he will record a special video for you or anybody else.

Judging by his 5-star rating, it’s pretty safe to say Rick Harrison is still a pretty big hit among fans after seventeen seasons of “Pawn Stars.” One comment even seems to allude to the fact that Harrison helped someone turn their girlfriend into their wife-to-be.

It reads as follows:

“Rick!! Sorry this took me so long to review! It’s been a busy past few weeks!! This Cameo was so special and awesome for me! We watch Pawn Stars together constantly and think you are amazing! I really appreciate the fast turnaround on the Cameo… She said yes!!! So thank you for being a part of our very special day, We will remember it forever. Best Cameo ever! We will be Rick Harrison fans forever!!”

The Top 5 Holiday Deals From the Show’s History

The official YouTube account for the “Pawn Stars” show shared a compilation video last year ranking the top 5 holiday deals in all of the show’s history. Rick Harrison starts out the video by admitting that Christmas is the shop’s favorite holiday. He says that even though they find themselves in the middle of the hot Nevadan desert, they still dust off the bows and tinsel every year.

Check it out: