‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Once Paid Major Cash for a 2004 Patriots Super Bowl Ring

by Michael Freeman

Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars is no stranger to dropping large amounts of cash for the right item. One of those instances happened in season 5 when a 2004 Patriots Super Bowl ring found its way into his shop.

Initially indifferent to someone walking in to sell a ring, Rick Harrison and Chum’s demeanors quickly change upon seeing a Super Bowl ring. Making things even better, it’s a 2004 Patriots Super Bowl ring. Chum can’t help himself and tries it on, claiming “I feel like a champion.” Jokes aside, the two parties soon get down to business.

The seller tells the camera he’s quite proud of it, hoping to walk away with around $21,000. The seller was apparently a broker and Ricky Bryant, a wide receiver, came in and left the ring with him. It appears he loaned Bryant some money and left his ring as collateral, though the seller doesn’t explicitly say so.

Though Harrison doesn’t want to admit it, he claims the Patriots have done very well lately, not to mention the Super Bowl game itself was close, making it very valuable. Harrison also claims to be a Super Bowl ring “nut,” so this really piqued his interest. Provided it’s real, he says it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars. Not wanting to roll the dice, Rick brings in an expert.

Jeremy confirmed its authenticity. Harrison was worried about an engraving in the ring, but Jeremy informs him the ring was so big they had to do it by hand. After some haggling, the two settle on $21,000.

In a rare show occurrence, both parties seemed happy after the deal. Well, everyone except Richard “Old Man” Harrison, at least.

Rick Harrison Claims he Once Came Across What he Considers the ‘Holy Grail’ of Cowboy Items

While Super Bowl rings are one of the best NFL items you can obtain, Rick Harrison has run into some other greats as well. Actually, in this case, he thought he came across what he calls the “holy grail” of cowboy items.

When it comes to western outlaws, Jesse James is synonymous with the phrase. As such, his memorabilia is worth a fortune. Naturally, when a collector appeared on Pawn Stars claiming to have tintype photographs of James and his brother, Rick took notice.

“This is like the holy grail of cowboy stuff. It really is. But the fact of the matter is you’re going to have a hard time proving these are photographs of them. Period.” Rick brought in an expert to determine if it was in fact real. Sadly, Mark states though the picture does come from that time period, the facial features were off, particularly James’ nose.

The collector continued to claim they were genuine, but that wasn’t enough and Rick had to walk away.