‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Once Paid Twice the Asking Price for a Rare Item

by Taylor Cunningham

Rick Harrison once paid twice the asking price for a rare literary treasure on Pawn Stars.

During a Season 12 episode titled G.I. Pawn, a hopeful seller named Douglas brought Rick Harrison a framed photo and letter that he claimed was written by American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Douglas told Harrison that he purchased the item at an auction for only $20. And he hoped to sell it to the famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop for $300.

After studying the letter himself, Harrison called in a specialist to authenticate the item—just as he always does when someone walks into his shop making big claims.

Eventually, a handwriting expert verified that the letter was a legitimate piece of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow history. And the expert determined that the framed letter was worth $1500—a whopping five times more than the seller had guessed.

Excited by the news, Douglas raised his asking price. But knowing that Rick Harrison still had to make a profit, he only went up to $900. Harrison wasn’t willing to pay quite that much for the literary treasure, but he didn’t want it to walk out of the store either.

So the two agreed on $700, which was more than double the original asking price.

‘Pawn Stars’: Chumlee Once Paid a High Price for a Vintage James Bond Toy

Austin “Chumlee” Russell once bought a bonified piece of 007 history on Pawn Stars.

Earlier this season, a seller presented Chumlee with a rare miniature replica of James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5, which Sean Connery drove in Goldfinger. The toy was tricked out with ejection seats, tire-shredding rims, machine guns, and a changing license plate.

And though Chumlee knew he wanted to buy the car, he had no idea what to offer. So, he called in an expert to help.

By doing his own research, the seller decided the car was worth anywhere from $200 to $2,000, depending on the condition. So Toy Shack owner Johnny Jimenez came it to get a more accurate reading.

When Jimmy examined the tiny Aston Martin, he was just as excited as Chumlee. According to him, the toy was advanced for its time. And after putting in a couple of batteries, he found that the car still worked.

Jimmy continued to gush over the item and explained that he’d never seen a similar toy in its original box or in such amazing condition. And after deeming it a “piece of history,” Jimmy determined the toy was worth “no less than $2,400.”

Of course, that was good news for both the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and the seller. And after a few rounds of negotiations, the two settled on a purchase price of $1,450.