‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Reflects on Trip to Italy to Check Out Vintage Car

by Chris Haney

In a sneak peek of last night’s new episode, Pawn Stars shop owner Rick Harrison takes a look back at his trip to Italy.

Harrison and longtime employee Austin “Chumlee” Russell traveled to Italy in recent history. While on their European vacation, the pair took a look at a vintage Fiat automobile. While we’re not certain if they were able to strike a deal to bring the car back to Las Vegas, Harrison did share a couple of pictures of the car.

The unique car looks to be a Fiat 600 Multipla, which is the four-door version of the vintage automobile. The Italian automaker only produced the vehicle with a rear-engine from 1955 to 1969. According to Classic.com, the average price of the vintage Fiat 600 Multipla today is around $34,000. Considering the Pawn Stars show has featured a one million dollar car before, $34,000 doesn’t seem that bad for Harrison and his crew.

As Harrison and Chumlee reminisce about their trip to Italy, Rick made sure to show off a preview of the special Fiat for his more than 600,000 Instagram followers. In the first photo, you can see Rick and Chumlee standing beside the vintage car. Additionally, Harrison added a second pic that amusingly shows the two large men packed into the Fiat’s tiny front seat.

“Chum and I reminisce about our trip to Italy when we take a look at this vintage Fiat,” Rick wrote alongside an Italian flag emoji. “@divine1customs All NEW episode of Pawn Stars tonight at 9/8c on @history.”

‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner Explains How He Chooses Items That Appear On TV

Pawn Stars is so popular, Rick Harrison and his family’s World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop has become a destination for locals and tourists alike near the Las Vegas Strip. Anyone can visit to pawn an item, purchase something from the store, or just visit the shop. But what fans see on TV isn’t exactly what you’ll see in person.

Essentially their pawn shop is shut down during production. Pawn Stars is filmed in an active area of the shop, but what is seen on screen is only recorded after they’ve closed their doors to the public.

Likewise, fans only see a fraction of the goods that come through their doors on a daily basis. Viewers are treated to a wide range of items on the show, but Harrison himself is selective over what items are shown. Harrison spoke with British outlet Freesat in January, and the pawnshop owner explained how he picks the items that make it on the show.

“Basically if it’s something different and it hasn’t been on the show before,” Rick shared with Freesat. “Sometimes I see just a picture of something and then I’ll approve it. And then I won’t see it again until it’s actually in front of me a couple of months later.”

“Sometimes I actually have to stop the camera and do a little research,” he continued. “But in general that’s all me, I’m just that nerd you see on television and that’s how we do it. Usually, if it’s something different and cool. It’s normally based off an image on the internet, a really small one, and I think it looks really cool. I say bring it on in. Because with most of these things if you want to see if it’s real you’ve got to see it in person.”