‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison Shows How ‘Proud’ He Is of His Grandson With Moving Video

by Joe Rutland

It is understandable for many when “Pawn Stars” shop owner Rick Harrison displays a sense of pride in his very own grandson.

Harrison, who owns “Ric Harrison’s Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” in Las Vegas, shared this collage of photos in a post on Instagram.

Well, Grandpa lets Ryan know how much he loves him. Take a look at this from the “Pawn Stars” star.

Besides Rick, other family members on “Pawn Stars” include Corey Harrison, Rick’s son, and Austin “Chumlee” Russell.

The reality TV show has new episodes on The History Channel that appear on Saturdays at 9 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Central.

Tonight’s episode is the second part of “Bohemian Pawnsody” as sellers bring in different Disney items. They include a restored replica of the Jungle cruise. So, if Disney items and pawn-shop bickering are your thing, then tune in to this episode.

‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner Found Himself Making Big Cash Deal for Super Bowl Ring

Speaking of Rick Harrison, he is one pawn shop owner who does not mind spending dollars for cool items.

Well, the “Pawn Stars” star happened to pick up a 2004 Patriots Super Bowl ring.

A ring seller doesn’t usually get Rick and Chumlee excited. This one, though, definitely turned them on.

When Chumlee saw the ring, he tried it on himself.

So, that seller wanted to get $21,000 for a camera. He was apparently a broker and, as the story goes, football player Ricky Bryant left the ring with him.

Apparently, the broker loaned the wide receiver money and Bryant left the ring as collateral. We think that’s what happened yet that’s not explicitly spelled out.

Rick Harrison claimed to be a Super Bowl ring “nut.”

Rick decided to call in an expert and have him check out the sports-related ring. What happened? Jeremy, the expert, confirmed the ring is real. Well, that’s all settled as the deal was completed for $21,000.

Rare Lambourghini Also Was Up For Consideration For Pawn Shop Crew

Corey Harrison also is part of the “Pawn Stars” crew and is known for his bartering skills. After all, he’s practically grown up in the business.

OK, so a man brought a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago in for a deal. This got him amped up. It was gorgeous as its sleek, black, handcrafted leather stood out.

Well, making a deal comes down to dollars. That model was priced at $85,000-$90,000.

The car owner said he paid $111,000 for that automobile. And he was hoping to collect $115,000.

That was a no-go for Corey.

Outsiders, tune in and see what new deals come up on the show.