‘Pawn Stars’: Rick Harrison’s Oregon Cabin Is Every Outdoorsman’s Dream

by Maggie Schneider

“Pawn Stars” personality Rick Harrison is sharing with fans snowy views from his Oregon cabin. It’s a winter wonderland.

Rick Harrison loves a good getaway. The “Pawn Stars” personality is showing fans a beautiful image of his Oregon cabin. Right on the coast, the property is surrounded by shining waters and snowy trees.

“Winter wonderland on the Oregon coast,” the “Pawn Stars” lead captions his 2019 image. While the post is from 151 weeks ago, fans are still in awe of Harrison’s cabin. Newer comments on the image prove that it is every outdoorsman’s dream.

“I am surprised you ever leave such a beautiful place Rick,” one fan writes.

“Wow!! The view is breathtaking!!” another says.

Others are sharing their own times spent in Oregon.

“Originally born and raised in San Diego in the 60’s and it was beautiful. My father fortunately had the foresight to move us to Washington state and I now reside in beautiful Oregon…looking back now, I wonder how anyone can live without trees and mountains, rivers and lakes…oh my?”

Us Outsiders hope that Harrison shares more images of his cabin in the new year.

“Pawn Stars” Rick Harrison Goes “Off The Grid”

Harrison’s Oregon property allows him to go “off the grid” and relax. When he is not at his famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, the “Pawn Stars” lead is relaxing at his beautiful cabin. He goes “off the grid” 4 to 5 months out of the year.

In an interview, Harrison calls his Oregon property his “own little paradise.”

“Most people don’t know this about me, I live off the grid probably four, five months a year, at least, when I’m not in Vegas,” he says. “Years ago, I ended up buying this place. As a matter of fact, it didn’t even have batteries or anything in it. Over the years I’ve sort of created my own little paradise.”

Calling the spot “his own mini little Hoover Dam,” Harrison uses wind and solar energy to power the place. It is beautiful and environmentally friendly!

I have a hydroelectric power plant, I have wind turbines, I have solar. And, I’m able to power three houses, two garages, and a full-blown machine shop completely off the grid. This is really my dream spot.”

It sounds like Harrison found the perfect place to relax. His passion for going “off the grid” makes me want to get in my car and drive up into the Georgia mountains.

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