‘Pawn Stars’: Sports Fans Get Fired Up Over Cringeworthy Exchange

by Jonathan Howard

While soccer isn’t exactly a huge sport in America, it has gained enough popularity for the Pawn Stars to consider buying up jerseys.

American soccer players haven’t had a long history of dominating in other parts of the world, mainly in Europe. Whereas the best basketball players play in the NBA, the world’s best on the pitch almost always play in the Premier League. Christian Pulisic is a 23-year-old American player who has changed that narrative.

The young winger plays for Chelsea and has made quite a name for himself. However, a seller brought in a signed jersey, and Pawn Stars got a lot of information wrong. Check out the clip below, and then let’s talk about what happened here and why soccer fans are rolling their eyes.

Look, maybe the seller wanted to try and get a better price for his jersey. Or, the show wanted to relate to American audiences better. However, there are many things that the Pawn Stars and the seller get wrong in the clip.

You Compared Christian Pulisic to WHO?!

First things first, the seller called Pulisic a “center midfielder” or a “center forward.” Both of those positions are very wrong. Pulisic is a winger and attacking midfielder. He gets up and down on offense and doesn’t do a lot of banging around. While some midfielders play a defensive-minded game, that is not Pulisic.

Then we get to the American analogy. The Pawn Stars said he is the LeBron James of soccer. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Pulisic is great, don’t get me wrong. He also has a lot of time to live up to the hype that has been thrust upon him. However, at this stage in his career, Pulisic is more like a Zion Williamson or Ja Morant.

He has elite skills at a young age that could translate to transcendent talent. While Morant and Williamson are seen as “next up” in the league, they aren’t anywhere close to being LeBron. However, the worst exaggeration had to be the comparison to Messi and Ronaldo.

When it comes to elites in their respective sports, Messi and Ronaldo are arguably on a level that Americans haven’t seen in our leagues. The two have made more money than American athletes could imagine, and the comparison is just not necessary.

‘Pawn Stars’ Pass On Pulisic Jersey

When it came down to the end, the Pawn Stars just weren’t all that interested in the Pulisic jersey. America is still a tough market for the sport of soccer. Even the country’s brightest young star in the sport is far from a household name.

With time, we will see how Pulisic develops. He has a lot of growth to do. The talent he possesses could take him far and make him a long-time professional. For right now, let’s hold off on the wild comparisons. Pulisic needs to just be the best version of himself he can be. No need to be the LeBron of soccer. Because let’s be honest, once-in-a-generation players only happen…well, once in a generation.