‘Pawn Stars’ Takes Aim on a Children’s Air Pistol

by Clayton Edwards

Pawn Stars fans know that the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop sees all manner of vintage items. People of all walks of life come into the shop to sell their keepsakes and estate sale finds. Two kinds of items that always fetch big-ticket prices are toys and guns. So, when one seller came in with a vintage kids’ air pistol, things got interesting.

Back in season 8 of Pawn Stars, a customer named Paul came in with a blast from the past. He was carrying a Benjamin air pistol that his grandfather gave him when he was a kid. More than fifty years later, the pistol was still in pristine condition. Over the years, Paul took good care of it. Shortly before taking it to the pawnshop, he had it fully refurbished. He was aiming for a $600 payday.

The Pawn Stars Crew Loves the Benjamin Air Pistol

One of the coolest things about Pawn Stars is watching the crew truly connect with an item. When Rick saw the Benjamin air pistol, his eyes lit up. Seeing a BB gun was a heavy dose of nostalgia for Harrison. He recalled that he got his first BB gun at the age of eight. His brother got one as well. That, he said, is why he still has a BB embedded in his scalp.

After taking a trip down memory lane, Rick talked a little more about the pistol. He noted how powerful they were and said it was surprising that they would give them to kids. Then, he demonstrated how to load and pump the pistol. After he was finished checking out the item, Rick got down to brass tacks.

If you’re an avid Pawn Stars viewer, you might expect Rick to call in an expert. However, he knew enough about the pistol to handle the sale on his own. So, he asked Paul what he wanted for it.

Paul Aimed Way Too High

When Paul said he wanted $600, Rick’s reaction spoke volumes. After telling Paul his asking price was “awfully high,” he came in with a counteroffer. Pawn Stars fans are used to Rick throwing low opening offers. However, he is seldom this far away from the seller. “I’m thinking like $75,” he said.

Paul explained that he spent over $100 getting it refurbished. Additionally, he did his own research on the item. He knew what it was worth. As a result, he wanted $600. However, he said he would go as low as $200.

Unfortunately, Rick’s highest offer was $140. That amount, Paul said, didn’t even pay for the 55 years he put in “being a good custodian” of the gun. He decided to keep it until he could find a collector that would meet his asking price.