‘Pawn Stars’: Watch the Cast Get Into the Christmas Spirit With a ‘Christmas Card Throwdown’

by Amy Myers

‘Twas the holiday episode of Pawn Stars, and the Harrisons and Chumlee decided to place their bets on a couple of Christmas cards.

In a Season 8 episode, the Pawn Stars decided to test their creativity and digital design skills by going head to head for a Christmas card competition. The reward? Several cases of beer and bragging rights. Naturally, Chumlee spearheaded the “throwdown,” taunting shop owner Rick Harrison to partake in the friendly competition. After some prodding, Rick agreed to the terms and eventually talked the Old Man into having another Christmas party, even though last year, they blew through the budget.

“A little bit of green paint and you’d look like the Grinch,” Chumlee told the Old Man.

“Grinch was a good person,” the Pawn Stars elder fired back.

Once the staff and honorary judge, Brett Maly, gathered for the party, Maly revealed the runner-up and the winner of the competition. Some notable mentions included Rick’s choice of photo with the Nevada senator as well as Corey Harrison’s ransom note-esque design. Taking second place was the Old Man with his classic black-and-white photo of himself in front of the shop. And, not surprisingly, in first came Chumlee with his photo with Britney Spears and the caption, “Oops I Christmased again.”

‘Pawn Stars’ Pull the Ultimate Holiday Prank

Before the judging for the Christmas card competition even began, Chumlee and his fellow Pawn Stars coworkers decided to pull a prank on Rick.

After setting up the decor, complete with a snow-covered tower of beer, the pawnshop employees decided to wear identical Santa suits. But according to Rick, his team told him that the attire for the party was Christmas sweaters. Of course, Chumlee and Corey denied this, and even Old Man played along, too.

Lucky for Rick, though, Chumlee had him covered with a costume – just not the one he was expecting.

The Pawn Stars prankster pulled out a Christmas elf costume, claiming that all of the Santas needed at least one elf.

“You know, it’s a Christmas party. I’m the boss. I’m not gonna be Scrooge. I look like a fool, and I’m dealing with it,” Rick said with a scowl before busting out laughing.

Sure enough, Rick came back to the party in Robin Hood-type hat, corduroy vest and red-and-white striped stockings. Complete with polka dot sleeves and a couple of jingle bells, the get-up was the epitome of Santa’s Christmas companion.

Thankfully, Rick held true to his word and was a good sport despite the comical costume and his loss to Chumlee in the “throwdown.” And, in the spirit of the holidays, the fellow Pawn Stars employee decided to share his winnings with the rest of the staff, though he did need some encouragement at first.