‘Pawn Stars’: Watch Chumlee Destroy a Car With a Giant Cannon

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Blowing up cars with a giant cannon? Just another day in Las Vegas for the guys from Pawn Stars. On Tuesday afternoon, reality TV star Chumlee posted a crazy video of himself and others destroying a car off in the distance with the huge cannon.

Fans of the wildly popular History Channel series are used to explosives being involved with the show. Shop owner Rick Harrison, his son Corey Harrison, and Chumlee are known to head out into the Nevada desert from time to time. They try out all kinds of weapons on the show and make sure they have professionals around when they do. The Pawn Stars team will fire off anything from vintage guns to flamethrowers to cannons. Sometimes it’s just for fun and other times it’s to make sure the item works properly in case they decide to purchase it.

Earlier today, Chumlee posted a short clip to his Instagram account. We’re not sure if the video is behind-the-scenes footage from a new Pawn Stars episode. Or if it’s just Chumlee out in the desert blowing stuff up in his spare time for fun. Regardless it’s a pretty wild clip.

Viewers can see the massive cannon on a flatbed as it points to the sky. An older grey car is set up at the other end of the dirt field. The cannon goes off as the camera pans to the car. A couple seconds later, the vehicle is blown to pieces with shrapnel flying all around.

“Can we blow this car up?” Chumlee said to his fans on Instagram.

‘Pawn Stars’ Shop Owner Opens Up About Buying Fake Items

Fake items are commonplace in the pawn shop industry, and the guys from Pawn Stars deal with them often. In fact, sometimes sellers don’t realize their items are even fake. But in some circumstances, sellers know exactly what they have and are trying to scam buyers.

According to Corey Harrison, it’s not a matter of if you’ll get duped, but when. The Pawn Stars crew knows their stuff, and will often involve experts to verify authenticity. However, when speaking to When in Manila in 2017, Corey admitted you have to live and learn.

“You know, you just live and learn. That’s kinda how it works. You don’t have a pawn broker school where they teach you that. It’s all trial and error. As many big scores that I’ve gotten, I’ve been burned a lot, too,” Corey explained.

For example, his dad who has been in the business for decades took a hit in past years on a fake Rolex watch. He said in the 2000s, someone spent a lot of money to transform an old Rolex into a newer-looking one. It duped the Pawn Stars shop owner who wasted thousands on it.

“Fifteen years ago, someone spent probably three- or four thousand dollars to make a fake Rolex. And I got burned on that one, so it won’t happen again,” Rick said. “It’s an entire industry, making fake things.”