‘Pawn Stars’: Watch Rick Harrison Contemplate Buying Original Copy of Declaration of Independence

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

There are all kinds of items that Rick Harrison has bought on Pawn Stars but perhaps none as rare and historically important as this.

In a new clip from a two-episode special airing tonight, Harrison is faced with a tough decision. Is he willing to put out the money to own an original copy of the Declaration of Independence? Well, let’s find out.

Away from the desert of Las Vegas, the Pawn Stars main man looks to make a big deal. This item is more of a personal purchase. Who would want to buy a copy of the Declaration from a pawn shop? If anyone would know if it was worth investing in, Harrison would be the guy. Take a look at the clip below and get ready for the two new episodes tonight starting at 9 PM EST!

So, New York City is the location and it looks like a serious deal. As Harrison sees the document for the first time he is taken aback and calls it the coolest thing he has seen in his career. After the Declaration of Independence was signed, it had to be distributed to the colonies.

John Dunlap was a printer in Philadelphia at the time. When the document became available, he copied it down by hand. Then, Dunlap took to his press and printed around 200 copies. The Declaration was then distributed over the next few weeks to the colonies. As Harrison says in the video, things moved a bit slower back then.

Regardless, Dunlap’s printings would then be copied again. The document the Pawn Stars are hoping to buy is a New Hampshire copy. It also has pinholes showing that it was likely a publicly displayed copy. It gives it character and depth.

Will the ‘Pawn Stars’ Buy the Copy of the Declaration?

So, let’s get down to it. What is the price that this collector wants for his copy of the Declaration of Independence? Well, after Harrison gave the story behind the piece, at least what he knew, the man named his price.

If Rick wants to bring this back to his Gold and Silver Pawn Shop it is going to cost him at least $2,000,000. That’s more than we’ve ever seen seriously considered on the show. If Harrison shells out a couple million for this, it is likely going to be worth it. According to the seller, it has only been privately owned. It is in great condition for what it is and the printing is bold and defined.

Of course, the Pawn Stars head man wouldn’t do a deal like this without bringing in an expert. He says he got the best guy in New York City for the job. If you want to see what happens, you gotta tune in to History Channel at 9 PM EST tonight.