‘9-1-1: Lone Star’s Rob Lowe Hilariously Reveals Why His Kids Won’t Watch His Movies

by Suzanne Halliburton

At age 58, Rob Lowe still is a Hollywood heart throb. And he’s found a new audience as Captain Owen Strand on 9:11 Lone Star.

Lowe also has enjoyed a long acting career. And back in his 20s, Rob Lowe was quite the sexy leading man. This was back in the gaudy 1980s and Lowe was the chairman of the so-called Brat Pack.

He’s now the father of two grown sons, Matthew and John Owen. And those sons still refuse to watch some of Dad’s biggest hits. They have a good reason. Once you hear it, you’ll also probably think ick and gross. We’ll let Rob Lowe explain. He recently spoke to the Associated Press about life with his sons. He mentioned which movies they won’t see.

“I know they’ve never seen About Last Night,” Lowe said. “I know they’ve never seen St Elmo’s Fire. They refuse to. I think they’re worried they might see me naked, think that might have something to do with it.”

Rob Lowe Said His Kids Love to Watch Parks & Rec (No Nudity)

Now, imagine seeing your father possibly naked on the big screen. Although he’s acting, you can acknowledge the issue, It’s akin to walking in on your parents, well, you know, and everybody else can see them, too.

Rob Lowe continued the conversation. “They love Parks and Rec, they really love Parks and Rec, the TV show. They’ve seen the Outsiders (no relation). They loved the Outsiders.

“That’s kind of it, ” Lowe said. “They’re very like, ‘oh God, dad and his movies, ewwww.” Lowe said that his good friend Gwyneth Paltrow is the godmother of his youngest son. And according to Lowe, Paltrow tells his son: “You really need to see Robbie — she calls me Robbie — you really need to see Robbie in St Elmo’s Fire. It’s one of my favorite movies.’ If Gwyneth can’t make Johnny watch it, no one can.” And he says he’s tried hard to get them to watch. “I just can’t get them to do it, I just can’t get them to do it.”

Rob Lowe was one of the biggest heart throbs of the 1980s, Here he is with Emilio Estevez, Demi Moore and Melissa Gilbert (Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images)

Lowe Did Show Some Skin In the Two Movies His Kids Hate

So have you seen St. Elmo’s Fire and About Last Night? Lowe was part of an ensemble cast in St. Elmo’s Fire, which was basically a coming-of-age story as a group of college friends from Georgetown moves onto adulthood. Lowe played Billy, an often drunk saxophone player who got his girlfriend pregnant in college. He didn’t want to grow up and take responsibility for a new wife and baby.

In About Last Night, Lowe starred opposite Demi Moore (who also was in St. Elmo’s Fire). Yes, it was a romantic comedy. And Lowe probably showed some skin. So maybe the kids have a point. If you’re related to Rob Lowe, maybe skip these movies.

Now that the sons are grown, Lowe is doing more projects with them. Lowe and John Owen are starting production of a Netflix comedy called Unstable. Lowe says the show is based on his son’s “online trolling of me.”

“It’s super, super funny,” Lowe said. “It’s got great a cast of comedy killers.” But probably no nudity. So the kids approve.