Aaron Carter Death Certificate, New Details Revealed

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

Social media mourned the loss of American singer-songwriter Aaron Carter earlier this month after he was found dead in a bathtub. The early 2000s sensation died at 34 years old. While an investigation into his death is still ongoing, new details have emerged in the weeks following his passing.

According to TMZ, coroners still haven’t revealed a cause of death. Tests are still ongoing as experts try to determine exactly what it was that killed him. However, new documents did reveal that Aaron Carter’s family decided to have him cremated. Further, his sister Angel will be holding onto his ashes.

The death certificate also suggested that Aaron’s mother, Jane, was the first in the family to receive news of his death. The news outlet reports her name is listed as the informant.

Aaron Carter’s body was found in the bathroom of his Lancaster, California home by his housekeeper. Although reports at the time weren’t sure whether his death was a result of substance abuse or drowning, law enforcement officers did find canisters of compressed air at the scene.

911 Audio Recording Revealed:

While a good portion of the investigation into Aaron Carter’s death is still shrouded in uncertainty, officials did release the actual 911 call after his body was found.

TMZ reported that the audio recording takes place moments after Carter’s housekeeper found his body in the tub. In the recording itself, listeners hear a woman frantic, stating, “I’m calling about Aaron. I was just calling to see if there’s any way you guys could send an officer to go check on him?”

The dispatcher is heard in the recording requesting assistance from both EMT and local fire and rescue teams. There’s also a brief reference to “in the tub” on the recording. By the time first responders arrived on the scene, however, Aaron Carter was found dead.

Aaron Carter’s Neighbors Attempted to Come to His Rescue

There’s a lot that’s tragic about Aaron Carter’s death, however, what makes things potentially worse is that his neighbors heard the 911 call and arrived at his house to try and help him. However, per, one neighbor’s account, the longtime musician’s house sitter would not let them.

The Daily Mail reports Carter’s neighbors, Anthony and Amanda Cheval, are both trained in medical aid. Amanda works as a registered nurse and Anthony is a corporate safety manager that teaches CPR. When they heard the 911call come in, they rushed to Aaron’s aid. But when they got there, the house sitter sent them away.

“I knocked on the door several times,” Anthony Cheval said after hearing the call. “Finally, after a few minutes, a black female answered the door. However, after trying to coax her to let them in, all she could say was, “He’s gone, he’s dead, he’s gone,” before shutting the door in their face.

“She locked the front door, and I could hear her running away from the door.”