Aaron Carter Dies at 34, Social Media Reacts to the Tragic News

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Social media users are absolutely beside themselves after news broke on Saturday that actor-singer Aaron Carter died at 34 years old. Carter, according to TMZ, was found dead in his bathtub at his home in Lancaster, California. According to law enforcement officials who spoke to the outlet, they got a 911 call at 11 a.m. Saturday morning. They were informed that a male had drowned in the tub.

Additionally, homicide detectives were dispatched to the scene. There is no information or even evidence of foul play happening. This is just a standard procedure for homicide detectives to be at death scenes like this one.

One fan wrote, “Sad addiction is no joke I’m only guessing that’s what happened, I could be wrong but sad”. It is true that Carter had issues with alcohol and other substances throughout his life. He even opened up about it in an episode of The Doctors a while back. Another fan said, “This is such sad news. He struggled for so long. May his memory be a blessing. Condolences to his family, friends, and fans.”

Aaron Carter Fans Pour Their Hearts Out

A couple of Carter’s fans said that he’d reportedly been live on TikTok at some point. “He was just on tik tok live wow” This fan said. We don’t know if he was live on the social media platform today or possibly Friday night. Carter appeared in some shows as a young child star. One fan wrote, “Damn Aaron Carter was my Justin Bieber when I was coming up I still remember when he appeared on the Lizzie McGuire Show he was a swagged out young kid. #riparroncarter”.

Among the songs that Aaron Carter is known for are known That’s How I Beat Shaq and Aaron’s Party (Come Get It). This fan wrote, “I think people like Aaron Carter f**k me up because it’s just so incredibly sad top to bottom that their whole lives have been nothing but tragedy and you want a happy ending for a tortured soul like that. So when they don’t get it, it’s just sad. I hope he has peace now.”

How much did people love his music? Here’s how much. Carter’s self-titled debut album happened to reach Gold status in the United States. His second album, Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It), sold up in the triple platinum range.

This fan said, “Holy s**t I can’t believe that Aaron Carter is dead. He was my freaking childhood crush. I got to talk to him on a livestream once and he was the sweetest. Damn……” We send out our condolences to Carter’s family and many friends and followers.