Aaron Carter Reportedly Skipped Rehab To Focus on Winning Custody of His Son

by Craig Garrett
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

In weeks before he passed away, Aaron Carter reportedly refused to partake in an extensive rehabilitation program proposed by his manager. Carter’s manager Taylor Helgeson presented the singer with an intense, custom-built rehab program as he began to fall off the wagon. Tragically, according to one expert, he was “saveable.”

“He set his priorities as trying to deal with the courts over his son, the new music and life,” the aide explained to the Daily Mail. “Then he wanted to go to rehab.” On Tuesday, Martin started to move her stuff out of the house–just three days after Carter had passed away.

Addiction consultant Brenden Borrowman, co-founder of Utah drug treatment center ReBoot, devised the rehab plan. According to its website, time-proven military behavioral science is used by ReBoot to develop self-worth and positive behavior in patients.

Borrowman said that Aaron had the potential to be saved. “I truly believe that,” Borrowman told The Daily Mail. Borrowman stated that he had prepared a custom plan for Carter. The plan included having him go entirely off-grid, without phones or any Internet access. They would have evaluated his mental health with top doctors. This would be followed by a meeting with a life coach who would be honest and direct with him.

Aaron Carter was found dead just a day after missing a rehab session

The pop icon was found dead in his bathtub less than 24 hours after missing a scheduled therapy appointment. One week before his untimely death, Carter was readmitted to rehab after taking a break from sessions.

For months, Martin begged her longtime lover to detox and give up drugs and alcohol. She did so right up until a few days before his death. In an Instagram Live video from September, the singer also stated that Martin told him ominously: “you’re going to die.”

Fans were extra concerned for their idol’s well-being after Carter lost the custody battle for Prince. He went live on Instagram shortly afterward. On September 25th, concerned supporters called 911 for a welfare check. Fans claimed that the teen sensation was allegedly huffing cans of compressed air off-camera.

While some concerned fans wondered if Carter had overdosed, law enforcement found no drugs or signs of criminal activity or self-harm when they left his home. Unfortunately, when police came knocking on Carter’s door two months later, they found his body next to cans of compressed air and prescription pills.

The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has not yet released an official cause of death and is waiting for toxicology results to come back. TMZ had previously reported that Carter missed a rehab therapy session on the night he presumably died.