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Aaron Carter’s Family Says They Believe He Died of Drug Overdose

by Samantha Whidden
Aaron Carter
Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

A little over two months after Aaron Carter was found dead in his bathtub at 34 years old, the singer and rapper’s family believes that he died from a drug overdose.

While speaking to TMZ, Aaron Carter’s fiancee Melanie Martin and his mother Jane Carter stated that the L.A. County Coroner’s Office revealed there was no water discovered in the late singer’s lungs. This discovery rules out drowning as being the potential cause of death. 

Both Aaron Carter’s fiancee and mother then shared that the coroner is still waiting on the toxicology results in order to determine what was in his system when he died. The Carter family is also wanting law enforcement to investigate an alleged drug deal that took place the night of Aaron’s death. 

Meanwhile, law enforcement sources also said they believe Carter’s body was in the bath tube for a long time. This was due to the smell of decomposition and the water turning an unnatural color. The tub’s jets were allegedly still running when the singer’s body was discovered.

Aaron Carter’s Fiancee Found Text Messages on His Phone With Someone Telling Him He Owned $800 For Unknown Substance 

Along with discussing the cause of death, Aaron Carer’s fiancee Melanie stated that she found text messages with an unknown person telling the late singer that he owed $800 for an unknown substance. 

Melanie then shared that the conversation included Carter telling the person he didn’t need the substance anymore. That was when the person told him it didn’t matter and that he owned nearly a grand. Carter responded to that remark by asking if he was being threatened. However, the conversation ended after that. 

Carter’s fiancee also explained that she met with investigators about the case and submitted the conversation for evidence. Carter’s family also said that the singer may have met with the unknown person prior to his death. They disclosed that they’re worried Carter may have taken the substance, which could have killed him. 

TMZ further reports that cans of compressed air and prescription pills were discovered in Carter’s bathroom and bedroom. Carter’s family doesn’t believe that his death was caused by huffing compressed are. They are now asking authorities to investigate the possibility of someone selling the late singer a substance that caused a fatal drug overdose. 

Along with trying to determine the cause of Aaron’s death, his brother and Backstreet Boys bandmate, Nick Carter, released a new music video for his single Hurts to Love You. The track is a tribute to Carter and features childhood footage of Nick’s younger brother. 

Nick Carter is expected to perform the single at Lance Bass’ Songs For Tomorrow concert on Wednesday (January 17th). The sold-out event will take place at Heart Weho in West Hollywood. The benefit is for the children’s mental health organization, On Our Sleeves.