Aaron Carter’s House Sitter Reportedly Refused Medical Help After He Was Found Unresponsive

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images)

The life of singer Aaron Carter could possibly have been extended if not for a house sitter who simply refused medical help. You know, this is one of those stories that could have had a better ending. As we know now, Carter was pronounced dead on Saturday after being found in a bathtub. Part of the story that we are learning about now is a couple tried to get inside and save the young man.

DailyMail.com reports that Anthony and Amanda Cheval rushed to Carter’s home. Both are trained in medical care. They heard a 911 call about 11 a..m. Saturday and took off. Amanda is a registered nurse. She picked up their defibrillator bag and took off for Cater’s home across the street.

Aaron Carter House Sitter Ignores Couple’s Plea To Help Out

“I heard them call out a 927D – code for a possible dead body – for Aaron Carter’s address,” Anthony Cheval, 45, who is a corporate safety manager who teaches CPR and also works for a local news agency, told the outlet in an interview. He talked with DailyMail.com outside Carter’s home in Lancaster, California. “I knocked on the door several times,” he said. “Finally, after a few minutes, a black female answered the door.” Accordingly, the woman reportedly was hysterical and even foaming at both sides of her mouth. Anthony reportedly asked her if she needed help. He said that the house sitter kept screaming “He’s gone, he’s dead, he’s gone.”  

Meanwhile, Cheval asked to let the couple in the house. “Let us help you, let us try,” he said to her. “My wife is a registered nurse, let her help.” Yet the house sitter, whom Anthony Cheval called “hysterical,” would not let them in the house. She reportedly screamed at them, “I can’t let you in.” He said, “She locked the front door, and I could hear her running away from the door.”

Sheriff’s Deputies Made Their Way To Carter House

Additionally, it wasn’t much more time that had passed when Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies popped up on the scene. Amanda Cheval, 30, was waiting out by the sidewalk at the house of Aaron Carter. She told the cops about the woman at the door. Then, the deputies started banging on the door and yelled. They told the woman that they were from the sheriff’s department. They got inside the home.

“Minutes later they exited the house, but not with the same urgent demeanor they had going in,” Amanda Cheval said. “At that point, I thought whoever it was inside there is dead.” Finally, an ambulance arrived and wheeled their stretcher to the front door.