Adam Sandler Filmed Walking With a Cane While Out With His Wife

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, actor Adam Sandler was out and about with a cane while enjoying a Los Angeles breakfast with his wife Jackie. The Big Daddy star wore a blue “Y’all” shirt, burgundy shorts, and knee-high socks as he walked out of a Los Angeles restaurant with a coffee in hand. 

The breakfast adventure comes just a few months after Adam Sandler sported a black eye during his Good Morning America appearance. While explaining his injury, Sandler shared, “I was in bed, in the middle of the night and, you know how they tuck in your sheets at the bottom, some people? Somebody tucked me in the sheets too much and I had my phone in the middle of the night. I kicked my feet up to untuck it, the phone went flying, hit me in the head.”

Obviously, the incident caused quite a shiner. However, Adam Sandler doesn’t seem really bothered about it. “I refuse to acknowledge it,” he stated, noting that he felt blood. “I said, ‘There’s something going on but I gotta sleep.’ Kept sleeping and woke up and then…”

Adam Sandler Stated that His Friend Jennifer Aniston ‘Tag-Teams’ With His Wife on Looking Out For Him Health Wise 

In December 2021, Adam Sandler revealed that his friend Jennifer Aniston does tag team with his wife Jackie when it comes to looking out for him health-wise. 

While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about Aniston in December 2021, Adam Sandler stated, “She’s certainly not afraid to have me show up on a set, and in my trailer is a whole bunch of whatever shake I should be drinking and it’s usually green. And I actually drink it so I can look her in the eye.”

Adam Sandler also said that Aniston and Jackie go out of their way to make him a “healthier” human being. “Like, they want me to stretch more – eventually be able to touch my toes, which I’m about 9 inches away from. But Jen’s also just funny as hell, and she makes you so happy. When we go to parties with her, there’s no leaving the party. At 1 in the morning, I’ll say to my wife, ‘We’re going to keep going, huh?’” 

Adam Sandler previously gushed about Aniston while speaking to E! News. The duo worked together on films Just Go With It and Murder Mystery. They’re also working together on the upcoming Murder Mystery 2. As he recalled first meeting the Friends star, Sandler said, “I knew I was going to be friends with. I didn’t know I was going to make movies with her. We both didn’t know that, we were young and we didn’t have jobs quite then.”