Adam Sandler Recalls Legendary Norm Macdonald Atlantic City Story

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the late comedian Norm Macdonald know that the Saturday Night Live alum led a legendary life. From stage to film, or on TV, the funnyman spent years entertaining us with some of the most iconic comedy skits and performances of all time.

Now, one of Macdonald’s Saturday Night Live costars, fellow funnyman Adam Sandler is recounting another unforgettable Norm Macdonald moment…this time, however, it wasn’t a performance. It was just a moment in the life of the iconic comedian. Well, another day in his life while spending some of his downtime at an Atlantic City casino, at least!

Funnyman Adam Sandler Recalls A Hilarious Exchange With The Late Norm Macdonald – One That Involves 25K In Atlantic City Casino Chips

Recently, Norm Macdonald’s final stand-up special, Norm Macdonald: Nothing Special hit the popular streaming service Netflix. And, following this stand-up performance from the late comedian is a roundtable discussion featuring some big players in the business including Dave Chappelle; David Letterman; Conan O’Brien; Molly Shannon; David Spade, and Adam Sandler.

It was during this roundtable that Adam Sandler opened up about a moment of real-life comedy he witnessed from Macdonald years before the comedian recorded the stand-up special. In fact, Sandler says in the discussion, this moment came about when the two comedians worked together on Saturday Night Live in the 1990s.

“We lived in the same building,” Sandler relates during the roundtable discussion.

“I went up to visit him — going into his apartment was bananas as it is,” the Happy Gilmore star quips.

“We’re having a nice time and I say ‘You got any soda?’ And I open up his fridge,” the star explains.

“And I swear to god, $25,000 of Atlantic City chips are in his fridge,” Sandler quips.

Norm Macdonald Had Some Big Plans For His Cool Winnings, Sandler Remembers

As Adam Sandler looks at the $25,000 worth of cool winnings stored in his fellow funnyman’s fridge he wondered just, what exactly, Norm Macdonald planned to do with the money. And, it seems that the comedian had quite the plan for his windfall.

“I go, ‘What’s this?’” Sandler recalls.

“And he goes ‘Oh, I won big on Friday!’ And I go, ‘Well, why didn’t you cash it in?’” the comedian continues, adding that Macdonald’s response is one he will never forget. “He says ‘Well I brought it here so I can talk to Bernie Brilstein to see how I don’t have to pay taxes on it!’”

However, even the best-laid plans can go awry. Especially when it comes to gambling. Sandler jokes that Norm did finally get the chips out of his fridge. Although, it wasn’t in the manner in which he was hoping.

“So I see him at Saturday Night Live on Monday and I go ‘Did you cash it in?’” Sandler remembers. “And he goes, ‘I lost it all!’”