Adam Sandler Recovering From Hip Surgery, Using a Cane To Walk

by Craig Garrett

After Adam Sandler had hip surgery around Labor Day, he has been recovering and was spotted around town using a cane. According to a representative for the Happy Gilmore star, the planned operation was not caused by an unexpected accident or medical emergency. Rather, it was planned around projects, People reports. Since then, he has been utilizing a cane to help him walk.

Recently, pictures surfaced of Adam Sandler out and about in Los Angeles, holding a cane. He was arm-in-arm with his actress wife Jackie Sandler at the time. TMZ posted pictures of the actor about town while using the cane.

It’s not certain what Adam Sandler’s hip surgery is in response to. However, earlier this year he discussed an injury limiting his movement. In June, Sandler told Entertainment Tonight that he was injured on set while filming the basketball drama Hustle. In the film, he plays a Sixers scout who aspires to be an NBA coach. While filming the Netflix movie, the actor said he would often play basketball with his NBA co-stars. However, one day he accidentally hurt his groin while playing.

Adam Sandler heard a pop while playing basketball

“We had some of that going, but that’s before I popped my groin,” Adam Sandler said at the time. “There was one night my groin couldn’t take it anymore then I said, ‘I guess I’m gonna have to watch these guys go.’ “Sandler said that the injury was “so bad” and pointed out that “it’s been a year already and I’m still limping around like a fool… it’s horrible.”

In Hustle, Sandler’s character is recruiting a player from Spain named Bo Cruz, played by pro Juancho Hernangómez to play in the NBA. Though Sandler loves basketball, he found it “humiliating” getting on the court with professional sportsmen. He reportedly constantly tried his hand at pick-up games with his NBA co-stars.

“I played with everybody, all the guys, and it’s humiliating, you know?” The comedian described the process of an average middle aged man going up against professionals. “You take a shot in front of them you see how flat your shot is you see how dumb you look you have no form.” Then he adds how they quietly show him up. “Then. when they shoot…you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, alright, that’s how you’re supposed to play.’”

It’s encouraging to see Adam Sandler mobile and walking around. It seems like he will be ready for his upcoming comedy tour. The Saturday Night Live alum will take the stage starting on October 20 in Uncasville, Connecticut. He will then travel across the United States through mid-November. Maybe after that, he will get to that Happy Gilmore sequel he’s always teasing us about.