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Al Brown, ‘Law & Order: SVU’ & ‘The Wire’ Star, Dies at 83

by Taylor Cunningham
Law & Order: SVU
"Law And Order: SVU" 300 Episodes Celebration Chelsea Piers on September 17, 2012 in New York City.

Al Brown, the actor who is known for starring in The Wire and Law & Order: SVU has passed away, according to his family. He was 83 years old.

Brown’s daughter, Jenny, shared the news with TMZ today (Jan. 15) and explained that her father had been battling Alzheimer’s for some time. He died in his Las Vegas home on Friday, Jan. 13, due to complications with the disease.

The star was a 29-year Air Force veteran and served two tours in Vietnam before becoming a Hollywood staple, she said. She also said that he was proud of his career and enjoyed talking to fans who recognized him from the small screen. She also noted that he loved his job.

Al Brown, Star of ‘The Wire,’ Retired From the Military Before Begining His Acting Career

Al Brown began acting in 1995 after he retired from the service. His first on-screen appearance was in Homicide: Life on the Street, where he played a police officer. Starring as an officer of the law or the military was a type cast that followed him throughout the rest of his career.

The actor saw his biggest fame when he starred in The Wire. For six years he starred as Col. Stan Valchek, a recurring Baltimore PD character who worked his way through the ranks. Valchek was tough on crime but often dirty. His biggest story arc played out in the series’ second season. That year, his character had a feud going with the leader of a longshoremen union that led the BPD and the FBI to investigate a ring of Greek drug traffickers.

While season two was his most prominent on the show, he remained a recurring character throughout the entire five seasons.

The Vietnam Vet Enjoyed Roles in Major Blockbuster Such as ’12 Monkeys’

Aside from his spot on The Wire, Al Brown also worked on Law & Order: SVU, Rescue Me, and Forensic Files. And Brown enjoyed small roles in major motion pictures as well, including 12 Monkeys, The Replacements, and The Darkness. Al Brown retired from the industry in 2014

Al Brown is survived by his wife, children, and extended family.