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‘Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven Brown Welcomes Second Son with Bear Brown

by Taylor Cunningham
Alaskan Bush People
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown became a family of four when they welcomed their second child to the world last week.

Raiven posted the news on her Instagram page on January 20. Along with a black-and-white picture of herself with the newborn, she shared that he was born at 38 weeks and sadly has some unnamed health issues.

“Our son was born yesterday morning,” she wrote. “It was my scheduled c-section. We decided this was the best option due to risks and my firstborn being a c-section. Unfortunately, he has a few things going on so he is in the nicu.”

“It’s so difficult making it to 38 weeks and baby boy going to the nicu like his big brother,” she continued. “He is absolutely perfect and We are so so grateful to have yet again a wonderful son. We will be sharing his name and further pictures once baby boy is more stable. All prayers are appreciated and welcomed.”

Raiven and Bear Brown had their first son, River, in March 2020 at 34 weeks, according to TV Showcase. Due to a life-threatening abruption, she underwent an emergency c-section, which sent River to the NICU. Fortunately, he is perfectly healthy today.

‘Alaskan Bush People’ Star Praises His Wife on Social Media

Raiven posted a follow-up photograph today, which shows that she and her new son are still under hospital care. She didn’t give more details about the child’s health, but in the picture, he is wearing a breathing tube.

Bear also shared a post the same day saying that they’re “hoping for a speedy recovery” so he can take his new son home to meet his Alaskan Bush People family soon. He also praised his wife for everything she did to bring the little boy into the world.

“Raiven did an amazing job! I don’t think a man can ever truly realize what a woman goes through!” he captioned. “Sure we know it’s hard, but we can never fully grasp the difficulties that every mother has been through!”

“I could NOT be more proud of Raiven! She is so strong, so brave and so unstoppable!!! The strength of a mother is amazing! Thank you Raiven!” Bear concluded. “You are the best!”

The Alaskan Bush People couple had previously shared that they were splitting after less than a year of marriage. However, TV Showcase recently reported that the two shared in a Q & A that the break was only temporary to avoid stress during the pregnancy.