Alec Baldwin’s Daughter Ireland Debuts Dramatic Transformation

by Samantha Whidden

While officially stepping out of her usual comfort zone, Alec Baldwin’s daughter Ireland recently debuted her new buzz haircut. 

The model and oldest child of Alec Baldwin took to her Instagram to show off the look. “Don’t tell me I won’t do something because I will,” she declared in her post. She then shared a video of her hair’s transformation over the years. “The hair transformations.”

Kim Basinger, Ireland’s mother, and Alec Baldwin’s ex-wife, commented on the post. “This is my baby… Don’t tell her not to do something… Because she will… I’m a witness to that and have been for many years… Simply beautiful.” 

Ireland’s hairstylist Hannah Bonetti also shared footage of the hair transformation. “Had the absolute pleasure of helping [Ireland] go fearlessly into uncharted territory this afternoon. We were planning on a big change (like, bangs), but neither one of us knew our session would end in a transformation of this magnitude. Grateful to have clients who bring all of themselves into my chair and trust me with moments as radical as this. Today was a celebration of shedding that which no longer serves us.”

Following the hair transformation debut, Ireland thanked those who supported the new look. “I’ve been getting really sweet messages about my head,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories. “Thank you for hyping me up. And for those of you being nasty, stay mad. You’re just mad I’m a cuter boy than you.”

Ireland Baldwin Opens Up About Childhood Anxiety & Supporting Alec Baldwin Through the ‘Rust’ Shooting Incident

Earlier this spring, Ireland made an appearance on the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk to discuss her mental health struggles over the years. 

“She’s definitely my go-to person,” Ireland said about her mother, Kim Basinger, who battles agoraphobia. “She’s the one I call when I’m panicking…  When it’s starting to build up.”

Ireland then shared that her father, Alec Baldwin, isn’t as comfortable discussing her mental health issues as her mother. “He can’t really sympathize as much with it,” she explained. The model noted that her father’s family would call him weak I the expressed his feelings while growing up. “It’s not his fault,“ she continued. However, she included that her father has gotten way better about discussing mental health. 

Meanwhile, Ireland discussed Alec Baldwin’s Rust shooting incident. Her father accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the film’s set last October. “I think he really suppressed his anxiety until recently,” Ireland further explained. She went on to add, “He’s really been dealing with things that kind of have been thrown at him. He’s been forced to finally deal with these things.”