Alec Baldwin Marks One Year Anniversary of ‘Rust’ Shooting With Halyna Hutchins Photo

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Actor Alec Baldwin is paying homage to Halyna Hutchins on the one-year anniversary of the shooting that took her life on the set of Rust. Baldwin posted a photo of Hutchins on his Instagram account. He wrote a very simple, plain caption: “One year ago today…” There were no other words from Baldwin. Fans, though, shared their thoughts and opinions about Baldwin and Hutchins. One of them wrote, “May her memory be a blessing.”

Word recently came down that Alec Baldwin and the rest of the movie’s cast will be back at work on January 2023. Production of Rust will pick up again but there’s an addition to the movie. Matthew Hutchins, who is the husband and widow of Halyna Hutchins, will be on board as an executive producer. Additionally, the family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit over the shooting. It took place on Oct. 21, 2021. Baldwin was on the set preparing to film a scene. But he discharged a prop gun that killed Hutchins. Baldwin had received instruction from assistant director David Halls. Halls reportedly told Baldwin that the prop gun was inoperable or “cold.” A settlement was reached between the estate of Halyna Hutchins and Baldwin, along with the movie’s production company.

Alec Baldwin States He Thinks About Halyna Hutchins’ Death Every Day

Yet Baldwin might not be totally in the clear here. He could face criminal charges over his actions. A report about the shooting has been in the works from the Santa Fe (New Mexico) Sheriff’s Office. It reportedly has been conducting its own investigation into the shooting. Alec Baldwin has said that he’s innocent of any wrongdoing. Mary Carmack-Altwies, who is the district attorney in Santa Fe, did file an emergency request. She was seeking more than $600,000 in funding. That would go toward prosecuting up to four people that had some connection to the shooting. No person has been specifically ID’d. Yet there is some thought that Baldwin might be among the four people facing prosecution.

But the actor who has made a name for himself in both movies and TV has openly talked about being involved in that horrible situation. In a very in-depth interview with CNN, Baldwin talked about how the Hutchins shooting has affected him. “That she died, that’s the worst thing of all. Somebody died, and it was avoidable. It was so unnecessary,” Baldwin said. “Every day of my life I think about that.” Baldwin has been a part of a couple of well-known TV shows. He played a key role in the Tina Fey comedy 30 Rock and he’s also hosted Saturday Night Live multiple times.