Alec Baldwin Pays Tribute to His Mother in Touching Video Following Her Funeral

by Alex Falls

Actor Alec Baldwin took to his Instagram page over the weekend to pay tribute to his mother. Carol Baldwin passed away last month at the age of 92 and was laid to rest on Sunday.

“I wanted to say thank you very much to everyone that wished me well about my mom who passed away on 26th of May, and her funeral was yesterday up in Syracuse on the 11th,” said Baldwin. “Both of those things went as well as one might have expected.”

Baldwin took comfort in sharing with his followers the peaceful surroundings his mother enjoyed in her final moments.

“Everyone who was close to my mother and my family, who lived in that area, who could make it, they were in the room with her when she passed,” said Baldwin. “And she was truly, truly – I’ve heard people say, ‘surrounded by their loved ones,’ when they died – and in my mother’s case, it was certainly true.”

Mrs. Baldwin was a breast cancer survivor having endured the disease in the ’90s. She spent the remainder of her life fighting to find a cure.

Alec Baldwin Also Recently Paid Another Tribute to a Fallen Idol

Alec Baldwin recently lost another major figure in his life in the form of his Miami Blues costar, Fred Ward. In the cult classic, Baldwin plays ex-con Frederick Frenger who is released from prison and resumes his criminal ways with Sgt. Hoke Moseley, played by Ward, hot on his trail.

Baldwin again used his Instagram to post a tribute to his fallen friend.

Baldwin has faced great tragedy and difficulties in recent years. While reflecting on his mother’s passing, he took comfort in knowing she has found peace in the world beyond away from the turmoil of modern times.

“I’m proud of my mom and I’m very sorry that she is not in the world any longer to help people,” Baldwin said. “But she is certainly – I think it’s easy to say these days – she is certainly in a better place than any of us right now while we’re still here. She is certainly in a better place than any of us in the world today. So thank you again to everyone and their good wishes. Thanks.”

After she survived her cancer battle, Carol Baldwin joined a number of Long Island-wide breast cancer support groups to launch an effort to raise awareness and conduct research on the disease. The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund was founded on the Stony Brook campus of SUNY in 1996. Another chapter was started later in cooperation with SUNY Upstate University. The combined efforts have raised millions of dollars for the cause.

The National Cancer Institute estimates that one out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The Baldwin Fund encourages women to adopt the life-saving practices of regular self-examinations, clinical breast exams, and mammograms.