Alec Baldwin Recalls Sharing Screen With James Caan on ‘Las Vegas’ Following the Legendary Actor’s Death

by Sean Griffin

On Wednesday, July 6th, the world lost legendary actor James Caan of The Godfather and other classic films. He was 82. He will be remembered for his role as Sonny Corleone in The Godfather franchise. The iconic actor earned nominations for Golden Globes, an Emmy, and an Oscar. James Caan received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1978.

Celebrities such as Billy Dee Williams have posted tributes to their friend online. He is survived by sons Scott, James, Jacob and Alexander, as well as daughter Tara. His son Scott Caan is also an actor. Scott is famous for his roles on Entourage and Hawaii: Five-0.

On Friday, actor Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to voice his thoughts on the late actor.

“Yeah, I just want to send out a quick message about Jimmy Caan,” the actor said at the beginning of his video. “You know, believe it or not, for a guy that was one of the great movie tough guys, he was a real sweetheart. He was a sweetheart. My thoughts go out to Scott and his whole family, everybody in Jimmy’s life.”

Baldwin goes on to describe how he first met James Caan. “Back in 2004, when I was commuting from New York to LA to see my daughter Ireland—and I did a whole batch of like weird jobs. I’d go out there, get a job working for a couple days or a couple weeks, and come home. And I went from making a lot of movies in the ’90s, the 2000s come and I’m doing this weird kind of patchwork of jobs. And I wind up doing this show Las Vegas with Jimmy, that show with Josh Duhamel, and Molly [Sims], and that whole cast.”

Alec Baldwin’s Remembers James Caan on ‘Las Vegas’ Set

Baldwin continues, “And I do Las Vegas, and we’re there Day 1. Jimmy’s character is going to knock down a door—we have an argument. And the director and the showrunner, all the creatives there say to me, ‘what do you think?’ And I said, ‘well if I may say so, it seems a little dry. We need a kind of jumpstart right to what’s going on. We’ve got to get right to it.’ And they say ‘what do you mean? And I say ‘well I think I should open the door and he punches me right in the face. He just opens it and punches me in the face and we know exactly where we’re at.’ And the writer and director they’re like [shakes head yes], and of course they turn to Jimmy and they’re like, ‘Jimmy?’ And Caan says, ‘I like it, yeah, it’s good.’ Just boom.”

“Because I don’t have any vanity on these things. I’m a guest in somebody’s house, I’m here to do the part, I’m like ‘you beat the crap outta me in a TV show, who cares?’ But we do that and Jimmy was sweet. He was so nice to me, and always kidding you and always busting your balls. And you look at a guy like him—you know a lot of the other big stars I’d met in my life, some of them have been lovely, some of them have been really really, you know, gracious, really really gracious. And they don’t have to be. But Jimmy was really sweet.”

To hear Baldwin’s complete tribute to actor James Caan, click here to view Baldwin’s Instagram post.