Alec Baldwin Ripped Over Halyna Hutchins ‘Rust’ Shooting Anniversary Post

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

A number of people are speaking up after seeing actor Alec Baldwin post a remembrance photo of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. On Friday, Baldwin posted on Instagram a photo of Hutchins with the caption, “One year ago today…” Apparently, there are some who are terming his post as “inappropriate.”

Baldwin was the man who held a prop gun that discharged on Oct. 21, 2021. It would lead to Hutchins’ death on the New Mexico movie set. Baldwin has maintained that he did not pull the trigger. Yet an FBI report that was released in August disputes Baldwin’s claim. The actor is hearing it from people about his anniversary post, the New York Post reports.

People Are Not Happy With Alec Baldwin After Social Media Post

“This feels really inappropriate since you’re the one who shot and killed her…” one person wrote. Another one added, “Inappropriate. This could be very misunderstood.” This fan said, “Your family continues to grow…they are down to only 2.” This reference is made to Baldwin’s eighth child recently born. Hutchins is survived by her husband and son.

“Is this not incredibly tone-deaf to anyone else? Especially because he denies doing it?” this person wrote. Another poster wrote, “Hope you go to jail along with the producers.” The movie will get back to filming in January. This happens after the production company had agreed to settle the Hutchins’ estate’s wrongful death lawsuit. No charges or even arrests have been made since Hutchins’ death. But there is word that charges headed toward Alec Baldwin remain a distinct possibility.

Spokesperson Heather Brewer of the Office of the First Judicial District Attorney for the State of New Mexico issued a statement on Friday. Brewer said that the sheriff’s report into the shooting remains pending.

New Mexico Still Working On ‘Getting Answers’ Around Case

“On the anniversary of the tragedy on the Rust film set in Santa Fe County, District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altweis remains committed to pursuing justice for the victims, and getting answers for the community,” the statement reads. “As soon as the District Attorney receives the full report from the Santa Fe County Sheriff, she and her team of professional attorneys and investigators will thoroughly review all the evidence and make a thoughtful decision about whether to bring charges against those involved. No one is above the law and every victim deserves justice.”

Alec Baldwin has been a prolific actor throughout a long, illustrious career. At times, he also has been outspoken about different people and topics. His work on 30 Rock has received great acclaim. Of course, his movie work is well respected by many others. But the situation with Rust has caused him a lot of trouble in his life.