Alec Baldwin, Rosanna Arquette Slammed for Sending Messages of Support to Anne Heche

by Caitlin Berard

On Friday morning, a peaceful Los Angeles neighborhood became embroiled in tragedy when actress Anne Heche crashed her car into a home with such force that it set both the car and house ablaze. Heche was allegedly driving at a blistering 90 MPH when she struck the house.

Shockingly, it was her second wreck of the morning. Just moments before, she crashed into a nearby apartment building, reversed, and sped off. The cause of the crash remains unknown. However, early reports suggest alcohol may have been involved, as Heche was seen driving with what appeared to be a bottle of vodka in her cup holder.

It took over half an hour for first responders to successfully remove Anne Heche from the vehicle and even longer to extinguish the raging fire. The actress was then hospitalized with severe burns. As for the homeowner, she and her pets escaped unscathed, but the damage to her home was immense.

News of the near-fatal crash was met with shock and outrage. Though no arrests have been made and Heche remains intubated and unable to give a statement, the court of public opinion has declared her wreckless at best.

As such, when fellow actors posted public statements in support of Anne Heche, they, too, were met with intense disapproval.

Friends of Anne Heche Face Public Outrage Following Horrific Car Crash

The day after the crash, Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to share a message of love and strength to his longtime friend. “I just want to send out my best wishes and all my love to Anne Heche,” Baldwin said. “She is an amazingly talented woman.”

“I’m sorry you had this tragic thing happen to you, and I’m sending you all my love,’ he continued. ‘Everyone please join me please in sending their support and love to the wonderful Anne Heche. Thanks.”

Users immediately flooded the comments. And while some praised Baldwin for his compassion, others were horrified that he didn’t address the dangerous circumstances surrounding the crash.

“What about the people that she almost killed?? Is she more important?” a disgusted user wrote. “Thank god there weren’t any children playing in that garden…” another said. “She drove through the front yard and halfway through the house… I’m amazed she didn’t take out an entire family. I’m a fan of hers but this is awful,” agreed a third.

The Whole Nine Yards star Rosanna Arquette faced a similar situation when she posted a supportive message to Anne Heche on Twitter. “Anne Heche is in the hospital severely burned from a car accident this is really tragic,” Arquette wrote. “Pray for her.”

“Ummm….did you read the entire story? She damaged multiple buildings before catching the house on fire. She either had a medical emergency or she was under the influence,” one bewildered user replied. “Are we also praying for the homeowner who lost everything? Just cycling. I hope Anne gets help but I also hope she’s charged. Addicts need to be held accountable,” another said.