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Alec Baldwin Tributes Late Mother on What Would Have Been Her 93rd Birthday: ‘True Warrior’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Alec Baldwin headed out to Instagram and shared a touching tribute to his mother Carol, who would have been 93 years old on Thursday. Baldwin, 64, happened to announce that his mother had died in another Instagram post on May 26. He spoke of his pride in her achievements in raising awareness as well as money for breast cancer research.

“Today is my mother’s birthday, had she lived, my mom passed away in May, she would have been 93,” Baldwin said. “My mom is somebody who had an interesting third act in her life, she grew up in Syracuse and met my dad and had six children.” Baldwin said after his dad died at 53 from cancer, Carol and a friend worked together. They brought groups together to form a breast cancer research center.

Alec Baldwin Notes Mother Carol’s Contributions To Fighting Breast Cancer

“I’m very proud of you mom, wherever you are, the work that you did,” Alec Baldwin said. “it lives on thanks to my sister Beth, supporters and her board. A great dream of my mother’s was to fight for the cure. Happy Birthday mom, and hopefully wont be too long until we find a cure.” Carol happens to be survived by her six children, 25 grandchildren, and 14 great-grandchildren, DailyMail.com reports.

Back in May, Baldwin announced her death. He wrote, “Carol M. Baldwin, mother of actors Alec, Daniel, William and Stephen Baldwin and two daughters, Elizabeth and Jane, died today in Syracuse, New York,” he said. Baldwin noted how “in 1991, she was diagnosed with breast cancer” and “after she survived, she joined with a group of Long Island-wide breast cancer support groups to launch an effort with SUNY Stony Brook.” It was with her Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund.

Actor Thanks Those Who Paid Tribute To His Mother After Her Death

Alec Baldwin said that “the combined efforts have raised millions of dollars for the cause.” He went on to say that his mother taught him “about second acts … and third ones, too.” He said that, in part, “she spent the last 25 years of her life as a fighter and a champion.” She devoted her life for this cause, he said. Baldwin also hailed his late mom after her funeral in a clip he posted to Instagram.

“I wanted to say thank you very much to everyone that wished me well about my mom who passed away on 26th of May,” Baldwin said. “And her funeral was yesterday up in Syracuse on the 11th, and both of those things went as well as one might have expected.” Baldwin said this while sitting on a couch near a window in the video clip.